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Friday, February 05, 2016
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  • A hundred or so years ago I was a cub reporter working for Marlis Gaildene Hamilton and learning more about news than a guy who started out in the toy department (known as sports) should. Back in those days, sports writers didn’t often make the jump to news. I guess the powers that be figured if we had trouble dealing with grouchy coaches we’d never make it with even grumpier politicians.

  •   Last week, after much consideration, I sent the following message: “I am in serious need of unconditional love. So I am going to have a gathering on Friday night for women I love unconditionally.  We will start at 6:30. I hope you all can make it!”

  • Well, I have absolutely no problem knowing when I met this nifty gal which was way back in her teen years when she waitressed at our A&W. What a great waitress she was, too. In fact, Bill Zach, my father-in-law, moved her from car hop to waitress after only two weeks. That’s the ultimate compliment!
  • How should Indiana assess farmland for property taxes? Good question. There’s the way we used to do it, the way we do it now and, if new legislation passes, the way we’ll do it in the future.

  • “Insider’s Behind the Scenes on ‘Stellar’” was the topic addressed by Dale Petrie at Monday’s Lunch with the League. Petrie, who has been widely recognized for his tremendous leadership and support for our community in an amazing variety of areas and organizations, is now serving as Director of Operations for the Mayor’s Office, City of Crawfordsville.

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