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Tuesday, May 03, 2016
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  • Notes scribbled on the back of a Ross Perot for President sticker . . .
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  • I’ve received a request to write about thyroid gland problems. Thyroid problems are common in a family medicine setting. For those who don’t know what the thyroid gland is or does, keep reading.
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  • Who does the most to keep us safe?
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  • Hold a seed in your hand.  Look at it.  That seed will have to undergo internal tension and split apart in order to grow.  Even the smallest surviving sprout will endure the heat of day, the cold of night, trampling paws, voracious pests, battering thunderstorms in season, and minimal water in others.  Out of those struggles however will come something that can withstand incredible external forces and continue to mature in strength and beauty.

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  • Akira is cool, has a calming voice, and wears his hair in dreads tied into a ponytail at the back of his head. He is always nice, helpful and knows everyone. Nic, a student, is home for the summer from Hampshire College, where he mostly learned how to conquer the “Legend of Zelda” video game. Gavin is wild, crazy, crudely humorous and works at the cookie factory. They are all friends from San Francisco. Nic and Akira are visiting Gavin at the cookie factory.

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  • This week’s couple lives on 80 acres of property going back to his direct ancestor, Moses Denman, owner. In fact, he has Moses’ original large, heavy tombstone. Several years ago, all the members of the Denman family were moved to the Alamo cemetery with new stones put up, so versus destroying Moses’ original, beautiful stone, he has it to remind him of all the hard working ancestors living in the area and on his property before him.
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  • The League of Women Voters of Montgomery County urges all eligible voters to participate in the primary election!  Candidates for key county, state and national offices are on the ballot, and we need YOU to do your part by voting.

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  • People seem to like rankings so here are a couple that might interest residents. Montgomery County is currently ranked 5th in the state for deaths related to opioid pain relievers abuse and 6th for non-fatal emergency room visits due to opioid overdoses. Keeping that in mind, 70% of abused prescriptions drugs come from friends’ or families’ unused medication.

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  • As the manager of the Gold Refinery in Indianapolis, Dyanne Franchville knows gold when she sees it. She also knows that no precious metal has been as valuable to her business as 55-year-old Oscar Gutierrez, her loyal employee who for the last eight years has stationed himself in front of her store, equipped with sign boards, headsets and a giant foam pointing hand.
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  • “No time” is the number one reason people do not exercise.  So let me rephrase that for you by adding the reason we exercise.
    I don’t have the time to be healthy.    Now, it sounds like an excuse doesn’t it?
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  • For the eight or nine of you who regularly follow these weekly dribblings, that headline should come as no surprise.
    When people cast their ballots – and I sincerely hope everyone does – don’t vote for those who have attacked their opponent.
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  • HOME
    (Indoor plants and activities)
    Many indoor plants can be moved to shady locations outdoors but only after danger of frost is past. Plants will dry out more often outdoors, so keep a close eye on soil moisture. Sinking the pots in soil will help slow down moisture loss.
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  • I know that as an American, I have more freedom than any other people of the world do.
    I have the freedom of movement, of ownership, worship, thought, speech, and many other things most of us take for granted.
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  • Many good things have been happening in our community and citizens reach out to me on a daily basis to express their appreciation for the progress that is being made and for the levels of cooperation that are making it possible.
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  • Readers have asked me to address more summer safety issues. It’s great to see kids and adults out on their bicycles now that the weather has warmed up (especially kids who aren’t sitting on the couch). This will undoubtedly result in more bike accidents. Some of the saddest experiences I had during my Family Medicine residency were to have to take care of kids who were brain injured as a result of a bike accident.

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