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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

  • My wife says I’m not a spiritual person but I believe I could be someday. I mean, you have to have faith. The most spiritual thing I do is shop at Whole Foods, a supermarket that caters to people who opt for a diet that is organic, pure and chemical-free. However, I prefer food with preservatives. It’s cheaper than a face lift.

  • Every year on Feb. 11 Catholic healthcare marks the World Day of the Sick. Established in 1992, this year’s theme is “Do Whatever He Tells You” – based on the account of the wedding at Cana in the gospel of John.

  • Hospitals, like funeral homes, have become social centers for human contact.

    I don't want this to be a downer but in this age of virtual contacts through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media, we often see family and friends only at hospitals and funeral homes. 

  • The Indiana General Assembly has reached the halfway point of the 2016 legislative session. It has been an extremely busy and productive first half with many agenda items passing the Senate, including Senate Enrolled Act 200 being signed into law by Gov. Pence.

  • Snoring can certainly be annoying, but can be normal. I want to focus this week on a harmful condition that can be associated with snoring – sleep apnea.

    Sleep apnea is a condition where people have pauses in their breathing while sleeping. Most people have pauses to some degree, but people with sleep apnea have much longer pauses, sometimes up to 30 seconds. These long pauses cause the level of oxygen in the blood to drop and carbon dioxide to rise. These changes can be very hard on the body, especially the heart and lungs.

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