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Sunday, February 07, 2016

  • Well you may have heard we’ve encountered a few set-backs here at Montgomery County Movies but while we all may not be running at top speed at least we’re up and walking. (Thanks for your kind cards and comments.)

    To be more illustrative Philip is working on “bonus footage” for the Special Edition Movie. I’m working on research and text for the “Insider” Book.

  • Isn’t God wonderful? All his creations are so diverse. Planets, universes, inner space, outer space, space, air, dirt, flowers, trees, vegetables, fruit, animals, birds, bats, fish, turtles… crinoids. The list goes on. Even within each species there are diversities.
  • Now that we have announced our Montgomery County Movie will be show at the Vanity Theatre Monday (10/26/15) thru Friday (10/30/15) an increasing number of you are asking for more details. So here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Questions, questions. It seems to be the talk of the County. People keep asking me “How many days until I can see the Montgomery County Movie?” (Answer) We’re in the 30s now. We have reserved The Vanity Theatre in Downtown Crawfordsville Monday thru Friday evenings the week of Halloween (10/26/15 – 10/30/15).

    Experience has proven not to announce many further details until they are completely worked out. But this I can say: The Vanity has an in-house seating capacity of 170. Many people have mentioned to me they want to attend Opening Night so they can be among the first to learn our two Major Secrets (“What is the real title of the Movie and who is this Mysterious Villain with the Montgomery County connection?).

  • I’m writing today’s column on the last Sunday morning in August. My “count-down” calendar says 56 days until opening night for our Montgomery County Movie (Monday 10/26). That will mark about three years since Philip and I began this little adventure. 56 days and at last count we still had 22 areas to complete. I say “areas” because each of them consists of several perhaps trivial details.

    For example “Opening week,” as you might expect, is a little more complicated than those two simple words might imply. What time do we show the film? Where and how are we going to sell the tickets? What should they have on them? Who will volunteer to usher, set up the lobby, clean the theatre before the next showing? Should we do a weekend matinee showing? What about a program to pass out?

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