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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

  • Ready to go retro? Retro tech, I mean.

    It seems many people are not ready to pay the price for the latest and greatest and tech, especially when there are so many items available that were "the latest and greatest" at one time.

  • A very good friend of mine is a U.S. Army veteran who received his honorable discharge more than a few years ago. He has been retired for many more years than I have known him. He says he wants me to speak at his funeral but the way he is going he well may outlast me.

  • A long-awaited video version of Stephen King's fantastic book, "11/22/63" is coming out in February.

    This is something I have been awaiting since I read the book a few years ago. The book was so good (in my opinion) that I shared it with my wife.

    Now, Linda and I have very diverse reading tastes.

  • Many of us have waiting our entire lives for the day when we will be able to fly around town as easily as George Jetson did in the classic cartoon series.
    Think of the possibilities. Instead of billions of dollars spent on road improvements we could spend much less on small helipads on top of office buildings.
    "Roads? Where' we're going we don't need roads!" said Professor Emmett Brown as he flew his Delorean.
  • Smart phones are just another product that demonstrates both the advantages and challenges of our free enterprise system.

    AT&T has announced that in the first week of the new year they will do away with two-year contracts to purchase phones. This is not something new. Other major carriers have already told customers that when they want to buy new phones, they will have to pay full price in monthly installments. CNN says that can be cheaper than two-year contracts. It is through competition that these new sales programs are developed.

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