Dick Munro asked me to participate in last week's authors' book signing nearly six months ago.

"Come on, Frank, it'll be like old times - Dick and Frank working together again!"

At that time I was editor of The Paper. 

"OK, as long as something doesn't come up -- like a fire or some other story," I finally said. 

When Munro's program director hired me to do news for WCVL and WIMC back in 1994, I had no idea an old radio guy like Munro (he became an elderly 57 that year, as I recall) and I would ever be book authors much less participate in a book signing event at the Crawfordsville library.

While getting to see old friends and authors at the event I was delighted with the interest in the written word last week. 

In 1994, when I started at the radio station in May, Munro and I prepared to cover that year's primary election on the radio a week after I arrived. There were no local web sites (heck, a web was something a spider spun) and I knew everyone would turn to the local newspaper (owned by Freedom Communications) for a full report the next day after we gave them the election results as those results were released by the Montgomery County Court Clerk's Office. 

The printed word was king. 

I remembered that as I stumbled election night, trying to pronounce Helen McGaughey's name on the radio and calling her "Mc-Gay-hee." Munro came running to my side to be sure I got it right the next time. I had no idea how the family's name was pronounced. (Sorry, Stony.) 

In 2012, this world is in a real struggle to promote literacy -- basic reading skills. Today, not only is journalism often ignored ("I get my news from Facebook," some say.) but spelling and grammar are ignored as we shoot emails and texts between friends. 

That was a big reason I was really happy Munro and the library staff - Larry, Katie and the others - worked so hard to organize and promote the event, which drew 81 people. 

Meeting Dick Wolfsie and laughing with him was a big bonus. (Example: Wolfsie - "So, do you know most of these people?" Me - "I did before the memory problem began. I've interviewed many of them." Wolfsie - "So, did you have a head injury?" Me (laughing) Wolfsie - "Don't joke about something like that!" Then he began laughing.)

Montgomery County's Favorite Newspaper was the one and only newspaper at the event. 

Karen Zach was there, Munro and I were there, and Neil Burk came with a pile of Montgomery Memories magazines and took photos.

The next time you are tempted to say, "I get my news from Facebook," remember there is no journalistic integrity on Facebook. There is little, if any responsibility for what is written. Credibility? Not even close. How many ridiculous things passed off as fact have you read on the Internet?

It's like the fellow who called me and said, "If you want to know the news, come to McDonald's in the mornings. I learn things about myself even I didn't know!" Sure, that's credibility.

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Our Paper is the best value in town, too. 

Frank Phillips is a retail advertising account representative for The Paper and has spent 18 years watching and reporting local events in Montgomery County and Central Indiana.