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Saturday, April 18, 2015
  • I am a proud resident of downtown Crawfordsville. Today, I am a disappointed resident of downtown Crawfordsville.

    On Monday I received and edited a press release from the City of Crawfordsville regarding snow cleanup on: Main Street, from Water Street to Walnut Street; Washington Street, from Market Street to Wabash Avenue; and Green Street, from Market Street to Main Street.

    It was a day late and a dollar too much. According to the release, the city was paying a private contractor to help remove snow off of sidewalks downtown. 
  • Dr. M. Keith Baird passed away on Saturday. The list of Dr. Baird's involvements and accomplishments is impressive and lengthy. But to me, he was a neighbor - and the best kind of neighbor you could ask for.

    For my final two years at Wabash College I lived at 13 Harry Freedman Place. Dr. Baird lived right next door. He always had a smile, a laugh and a story to tell.

    The first time I met Dr. Baird in person was actually in the classroom in 2009. Yes, this man, who had earned a degree in 1956, frequently sat in on classes 50 years later just to keep learning. He would show up to several classes I was in, and we would occasionally chat. And then one day we realized we were heading to pretty much the same place on campus. And realized we were neighbors. 
  • This week is time to give thanks. And it's an opportunity to give back to those that go without. Whether it's at a church or some other organization, there will be opportunities all week long to lend a hand and make sure that others have a special holiday season. 
  • There I sat. Getting my fix of professional wrestling from the 1980s and '90s and I couldn't help but wonder . . . what happened, brother?

    Yes, the "immortal" Hulk Hogan was on screen. After checking the color on my TV I realized that he really was that orange and that his arms were that pumped up. 
  • Veterans Day is one of the lasting icons of our national pride. As a nation we take a day to put aside our differences and remember the men and women that fought so that we can have those differences. It is a great day.

    I have the honor of knowing a handful of active duty Marines. Some I graduated college with, some I've developed friendships with and some I've only talked to from a distance through others. I try to thank these individuals throughout the year for their service. But on Monday we stop as a nation to take our time to thank them. 

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