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Saturday, February 06, 2016

  • You’ve been misinformed. Again. It’s not just that you’ve not been given good information — which would merely make you uninformed—it’s that you’ve gotten bad information which could lead you to believe untrue things.
  • I was looking through this year's scribbling­by­Utley and was struck by the diversity of who I connect with. Lots of reports, web content, financing, marketing and business plans; and many, many County and State related papers that tend budget, politics and the challenges of economic development.

    And yes, there were a fair number of editorials. These were for you. My hope is they improved your perspective on Montgomery County in some meaningful way.

    I peck on my editorial keyboard when compelled by events or emotion. Usually, subjects spring from facts or opinions that I think you'll find valuable if I can just find the special angle or insight that delivers the light. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not so much.

    Good and bad feedback ranges from friendly sidewalk conversations to hateful public letters. Controversy is never a goal. I ignore the haters but I don't avoid unpopular subjects. Public perceptions are tough to sway, but little of worth was ever achieved staying safe. I often say, "people can smell the truth", so I tell you what you need to hear and trust your instincts.

    Some things I don't tell.
  • Following the upcoming election, there will be at least 3 new members on the Montgomery County Council. When that happens, I won't be the most junior guy with the secret handshake. For the new men (why no women??), here are a few tips from someone who not very long ago was exactly where you will very soon be.
  • It's an objective fact. Communities create jobs in whole new ways compared to just a few years ago. It's important that we in Montgomery County adapt to that reality or we risk becoming a place where nobody wants to be.
  • Last week, Republican Party President John Pickerill informed the County's party faithful that unless you think exactly as he does-we no longer have the right to call ourselves Republicans. I'm curious how you feel about that kind of divisiveness, but having been a fiscally conservative, small government Republican for more than four decades-I find that sanctimonious drivel disturbing.
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