The goal in starting THE CHALLENGE was to help myself while helping my community. Though I am accomplishing my goal, the challenge is real. I have lost 1.5 pounds, lost another 2 pounds, gained 1 pound and then lost 1/2 pound in the first 4 weeks. Yep only 3.5 pounds lost in 4 weeks! My original goal was to lose 2 pounds per week, so you can see where I am feeling a little frustrated. So, I am trying to look at things with another view. I feel good, my clothes feel better on me, and I know that the exercise is good for my health.

I have been looking at my weight each day at home on my scale, so I am now putting the scale away. I am only going to look at my weight once a week at THE CHALLENGE weigh in. I am instead focusing on what I have gained. I can do more healthy exercises in a row than when I started. I have been working very hard with a great group of people. We are learning more about each other and helping each other through it. Some group members work or committee meetings have prevented attendance, some have been ill, some have had injury. The great thing I see is that most of us keep coming back!

I am thankful for this opportunity and for the support to me and our community. I will keep going! I am still needing support to reach my MUFFY donations and would be thankful to those that would support me! Thank you!