We are getting ready to be weighed in for the 5th time.
The initial workouts were brutal, but I am firming up and getting stronger.
The initial weigh ins were encouraging, but the weight loss has slowed.
The encouragement from the fellow participants, Denise and John, has been wonderful. We have even decided to swap recipes of healthy food alternatives. I count these guys as new friends.

On a personal note, this time with the Challenge has been stressful due to my mother's deteriorating health. Instead of doing extra workouts, my time has been spent taking care of family obligations. I could not have continued juggling work and family without the Challenge and its participants. The stress relief of physical activity and improved diet plus the encouragement is sustaining me right now. As Mom improves, I am slowly adding more physical activity which should bring up those weight loss numbers (I hope!)

Thank you all for your part in this Challenge. Let's keep doing this long after our 10 weeks are over. (Pretty Please with sugar on top!)