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Sunday, July 05, 2015
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  • Thursday, July 02, 2015 6:58 PM

    Dear Editor,

    This Independence Day, we urge you to honor our nation and democracy by making sure your voter registration is up-to-date in time to participate in this year’s general election November 3. Then, take a moment to ask your friends and family if they are registered to vote at their current address.

    The November elections will be for Crawfordsville Mayor, Clerk Treasurer and City Council Seats and the Town Councils and Clerk-Treasurers for Alamo, Darlington, Ladoga, Linden, New Market, New Richmond, New Ross, Waveland, Waynetown and Wingate.

  • Monday, June 29, 2015 6:55 PM

    Dear Editor,

    John Pickerill hit the nail on the head on income inequality.  There are those among us that set the bar with success, and that doesn't deserve hatred, it deserves admiration, something to aspire to. Ayn Rand said it best, that wealth was a product of man's capacity to think and that excessive taxation of the rich is hatred of the rich.  The left has demonized this proven economic formula, with expressions that you didn't build that, or pay your own way and that Reaganomics is a failed, archaic policy for those with connections.  "You must have had some connection. You couldn't possibly have made good decisions."  There is crony capitalism and it is a problem, corporate welfare is a major problem that should be eliminated, but those that earn their money and are smart with their money should not be punished.  
  • Monday, June 29, 2015 6:54 PM

    Dear Editor,

    John Pickerill’s recent column bemoans the lost opportunity to have an intelligent, adult conversation about how best to help the poor among us, yet sets up a question that is based on unwarranted assumptions. Pickerill asks the question, “Can we help the poor by making the rich even richer or should we whine about inequality?” This is an artificial either / or choice that demonstrates a lack of true desire to have the type on conversation he seeks. He then goes on to describe the benefits of washing machines. To be clear, I like and use a washing machine.

  • Monday, June 29, 2015 6:51 PM

    Dear Editor,

    I don't think anyone is going to cheer for abortion, but ultimately it's a decision I'm thankful I'll never have to make.  Does Alex Miller allude to the state intervening, perhaps forcing a child rape victim, maybe her uncle, who happens to impregnate his hypothetical victim, to carry zygote cells further?  Maybe carry them to the point where I doubt anyone could debate that there is actually a human that can sustain him / herself?  This is one of the strengths of our country, a wall of separation from the Church.  There will be no sexually inspired tortures by the Catholics, in this country.  If you have a strange mark, you don't have to be worried about being burned at the stake. You won't be getting your head cut off in our country, if you don't believe that any gods have to exist for existence to be.  The Bible will call you a fool though. Although, another tragic child abuse scandal in the news is something you'll probably be seeing in regards to the Catholic Church.

  • Monday, June 29, 2015 6:50 PM

    Dear Editor,

    The Flower Lovers Garden Club of Crawfordsville would like to say thank you to the many people who made our 13th bi-annual Garden / Art Tour a success.

    We are grateful to home / garden owners: Steve and Martie Akers, Loyal and Diana Bell, Byron and Karen Thada, Russ and Anita Arnold, DJ and Kim Ruggles, Sharon Foster, Mandy Jones and Brandon Turner.

  • Monday, June 29, 2015 6:49 PM

    Dear Editor,

    The family of James Lee (Jimmy) Weliever extend their thanks to all who helped as he passed to his new life. The staff at Bickford and the friends he made there were a wonderful part of his life. Thank you to Dr. Glass and her staff and all the other medical personnel who helped care for him over the years. Thank you to Burkhart Funeral Home for attending to our every need. Pastor Joe Sanford and Circle IV of the Darlington United Methodist Church – you're the best! Thank you to the Darlington Johnny Provolone Manager Zach Stewart and his employees for providing all the delicious pizzas in a timely manner. We thank all our friends and family for their ongoing prayers, their presence, cards, flowers,  
  • Girl Scouts grateful for Zipline
    Monday, June 29, 2015 6:48 PM

    Dear Editor,

    Montgomery County Girl Scout Troops 2917 and 50331 would like to say thank you to Indiana Zipline Tours for all their help Saturday. Our camping trip started off with some rough weather Friday evening, but girls survived the night in tents at Shades State Park and then were able to enjoy a morning of ziplining thanks to the staff at Indiana Zipline Tours. Girl Scouts of Montgomery County appreciate Indiana Zipline Tours staff working with us and helping make this event happen.

    Montgomery County Girl Scout Troops 2917 and 50331

  • Friday, June 26, 2015 6:30 PM

    Dear Editor,

    I have always been an optimist but I feel compelled to say that we are headed for very difficult times as a nation. Indeed, we are already experiencing difficult times which will only get worse.

    Just consider the challenges currently facing us. A huge percentage of our population is struggling with such these things as unemployment, underemployment, drug addiction, homelessness, broken homes, and broken relationships, and all sorts of conditions which lead to poverty and helplessness.

  • Friday, June 26, 2015 6:28 PM

    Dear Editor,

    The General Lew Wallace Study and Museum would like to thank everyone who made ArchiCamp a success. The eight elementary- and middle-school-aged children who attended had a wonderful time making new friends and experiencing learning in a new way, due to the support of our community.

  • Thursday, June 25, 2015 6:27 PM

    Dear Editor,

    Those who wish to change history have obviously not learned from it. The Confederate flag, per se, has no more to do with racism than hoodies and Skittles have to do with crime.

    Ron Carmony



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