Montgomery County Commissioners were scheduled to release a statement today on allegations that county assessor Kelly Ewoldt used county resources in an inappropriate manner.

Ewoldt has been linked to Madison County councilman David McCartney. McCartney, who is also a county employee, admits sending sexually explicit e-mails during work hours using a government e-mail system. The Madison County GOP has called for the embattled politician to resign.

What remains to be seen is exactly how this is connected to Montgomery County and precisely what has or has not transpired. The Paper of Montgomery County is going through the proper procedures regarding open record law to examine the emails and documents in question for ourselves.

In the meantime, only those involved know the full and complete truth.

Should the accusations prove accurate, there will still remain questions. While Montgomery County has policies and guidelines on how county resources, including e-mails, can be used, it could take a court to determine if Ewoldt is viewed as an employee. She was elected to her office in 2010. Is the county her employer or the voters? What rules do or do not apply to her?

A court of law may be needed to make that determination.

The court of public opinion is another matter.

If Ewoldt did indeed send inappropriate messages during the time she was supposed to be working for the public then she has some decisions to make. So will others. Should she stay in office or resign? Will local GOP officials call for her resignation as their counterparts did in Madison County?

It all remains to be seen.

Until the facts come out, and they will, it is our belief that the fact-finding process is most important. Allegations have been made and are public. Kelly Ewoldt is innocent until proven otherwise. Let's find out the merit, or lack of, behind those allegations before judgments are made.