Last week I got to spend some time taking photos of Crawfordsville Golf. It was one of those perfect days with a bright blue sky and big puffy clouds. It was a great day to be walking around a golf course. I like to walk and a golf course should make for a nice setting to take a stroll.

Well except for the fact that there are golfers on the course. I'm not knocking the sport. I think if I ever had the time to try I might like it. The problem is, and those that know me well know this, I am extremely directionally challenged.  I walk out for the photos and then I get turn around and I have no idea how to get back to my car lots of times.

I'm one of those people that can get lost even using a GPS. The other problem is that I never really know where I should be walking and watching for golf balls that might be flying at me. So I feel like my head is on a swivel as I try to navigate my way through the course.

I'm always thankful when someone offers me a ride on cart to take me out to where the golfers are at so I can get my photos. I have learned when standing and hanging on to the back of the cart with one hand and keeping my camera protected with the other to keep my knees bent so I can bounce as the cart bounces.  

While I was out at the golf course the other day, for those of you that care, I shot 32. No not a 32 as my score. I think that would be pretty good especially for someone that is clueless about golf. I shot 32 photos of golfers.  My knowledge of golf is slim beyond the low score wins!  When I hear someone shot an Eagle I think that sounds really bad, but I have learned it's a good thing in golf and a bad thing in nature.

I do enjoy playing putt-putt. However I don't think my skills on a putt-putt course would transfer to a golf course. After all, when you're shooting through the windmill and into a clowns mouth it seems much harder than a straight on putt. I'm guessing my times of winning in putt-putt were pure luck.

Golf is actually one of the tougher sports to shoot for a photographer. Beyond having to find the golfers somewhere out on the course, I am never really sure where to stand so that I'm not bothering the golfers. I often lurk behind trees on the course because I feel a little safer and because I'm trying my best to stay out of their way. You have to get at an angle somewhat in front of them which is kind of scary. Movement bothers golfers so you have to be still and quite while they are shooting. Depending on where the golf ball lays and how the golfer has to position their self. The sun can be an issue to deal with as well. With other sports you can get the sun to your back and pretty much stay in one area.

So golfers I know you like your photos in The Paper too. If I'm every in your way or bothering you just let me know. Those fans with golf carts if you see me wondering around the course looking lost.  There is a good chance I am lost and would appreciate a ride.  No need to offer me a map.."Directionally Challenged" people can't follow those well either.