Woo Hoo! Today is the day. Pretty much all fall sports start tonight. With football season of course starting Friday.

All three volleyball teams are home tonight. North plays host to Covington, Crawfordsville is home against Rockville and Southmont will be playing North Vermillion in the Mountie gym. I know all three local teams are raring to get the season started.

Of course, from my standpoint, it makes for a busy night. Tonight alone, besides the three volleyball games, North tennis will start their season, and all three schools also host a soccer game. North and South girls are both home and Crawfordsville boys soccer will start off the season with a conference match up against Western Boone.

Whew! That means seven events, three schools and I have roughly 2.5 hours to accomplish the whirl wind tour of county events. Actually I know people think I'm crazy but I love nights like tonight. I will do my best to be at all the events. First I have to plot out my route and figure out a rough time frame for each event. Soccer coaches you can help me out by running plays that go right along the sideline where I am standing. Then of course, score on the play. Feel free to call the play "the Lori" I won't be offended.

Since Crawfordsville was the only football scrimmage that was home this weekend. I got a chance to spend a little extra time taking photos of them as they played Sheridan. I must say I was impressed. It's no secret the Athenians struggled last season. However, that is in the past. The team, they look like a completely different team at scrimmage. I saw them playing with confidence, attitudes are much better, effort better. They have participation up and have added some good athletic players to the roster.

With that being said I am officially excited to watch Crawfordsville football. The photo opps this year really have me ready for Friday night. I have already decided I need to be ready to capture the big plays of Trent Johnson fading back and throwing deep to Konnor Smith. I think that sophomore-junior duo will turn some heads this fall. Robert Manns has always been a competitive athlete, but now it's his senior year and he looks like he means business.

Beyond being able to carry the ball and run through the tackles with his strength on offense, on defense Manns will show no mercy. He is fast, agile and strong. Then you throw in Michael Minks who decided to play this year too. Oh my! All I can say is I cringe on the sideline when Manns or Minks makes a tackle. I think I will call Manns and Minks the M&M boys. When the M&M boys combine for a tackle... The opposing team will definitely feel that the next morning maybe the next week. OUCH!

I think this season holds many questions for all three teams. However, since seeing Crawfordsville on during Saturday's scrimmage, I'm ready to go out on a limb here and say, the Athenians will pick up their first win of season this Friday against Cascade. They will be helped by a loud home crowd. It will be a stepping stone toward a better season this year for Crawfordsville. Please! Go ahead and prove me right Crawfordsville.

Don't get me wrong. I hope Southmont and North Montgomery both start off their season with wins and experience lots of success this season too. I just have not seen enough of either team yet predict actually predict a win. I'm just hoping for wins for all three county teams to start off the season.