As the Montgomery County 4H fair nears. People often ask me to look over their photos they would like to enter or to give them some advice.

First advice is take lots and lots of photos from several different angles. Then narrow down the photos you like the best.

I always enjoying going through and looking at all the photos that the 4-Hers have come up with. OK I'll admit it that part is actually my favorite part of the fair. Shocking I know!

Some have asked how I choose photos that are printed in The Paper. Well that kind of depends. First, with sports photography I'm looking for the best action or best reaction. Sure if I can capture the game winning shot or home run then that is the photo I send to go best with the story. Sometimes it comes down to the player that has had a tremendous game and carried the team to victory.

Some have asked me how many photos do I shoot per game. I have no clue! It varies from event and how much time I have before I need to get to the next event. I usually try to get at least five decent photos per event that I think can be used for The Paper.

I have heard that some 4-Hers would like to take fair photos and submit them to The Paper too. So I give an open invitation. If you have any questions or want to hang out with me some during the fair and ask questions. I will be happy to let you hang out and snap photo along with me. I'm very approachable!

In fact if during the school year of some high school yearbook photographers would like to come down and ask some questions and learn some photography skills. I welcome that as well!

There are many times that people catch me at the mall or other public places without my camera and they say things like oh I did not recognize you without your camera or may ask me where is my camera jokingly. I will admit it, I'm kind of flattered by comments like that. I love being known as a photographer. Other than a mom and wife, I can't think of a better thing to be known as than a sports photographer.

I promise when high school sports start back up soon, I will seldom be seen without my camera. Next week, I will be at the fair as much as possible getting photos. After the fair things really get rolling. I will be busy with getting team photos and head shots of all the fall athletes for The Paper to use throughout the season. Think about it. Three schools / eight varsity sports at each school. That's a lot of head shots. I know this may sound crazy, but athletes, it really is OK to smile in the head shot photos. Notice I call them head shots and not mug shots. The photos are to represent you when you do something well in a game. Go head give me a big smile. Now with this being said...I know the majority of the football players will not smile. They have to look tough!

Well, see you out at the fair and sporting events.

Lori Poteet is The Paper's ace sports photographer. You probably have seen her out at one of the local high schools. She usually has a camera in her hand. Lori's column, From Behind The Lens, will appear each Tuesday in The Paper. You can also follow her on Twitter @LoriPoteetPhoto.