Well the baseball state finals were held over the weekend. I wish I could have covered a local team in the baseball state finals this year too. Softball was a blast.

I do have one rant. I think it's awesome that the baseball state finals are held at Victory Field. It's a beautiful stadium and really put the state finals as a showcase. However, I don't think the ISHAA does justice to the girls in softball. Now don't get me wrong Ben Davis does have nice facilities. However, I think the state finals should be held on a bigger stage for the girls as well. I realize that baseball fields and softball fields are not the same size so Victory Field would not work. However, I would think one of the colleges would have a bigger stadium, and more seating to make it more of a showcase.

I think Southmont fans proved that Ben Davis was not big enough for them. South had such an amazing support of fans that alone should make the ISHAA think about holding the state softball championship in a larger stadium. Ok my rant is over. Let lighten it up some now.

While I'm on the subject of softball. I just want to urge all spring athletes to take the time to clean out their gear bags. I say this because at the softball state finals all the bags were hanging along the fence. Someone's bag seriously smelled like something was dead in it. My guess is there are many gear bags that need to be cleaned out. So dump out that junk, old smelly food, or whatever else you may have in there that may need to washed, aired out or fumigated!

I have also had the fun of going to some of the youth sports camps for photos the past few week. I always enjoy the camps and seeing the future athletes that I will have an opportunity to take photos of in the next few years.

It's also kind of fun to sit back and listen to some of the funny thing kids say. While at Southmont's boys basketball camp recently Coach Jon Sparks was trying to challenge the first and second graders a bit by getting them to hit a few more shots than they did in the last round of shooting lay ups. Coach told them there are 12 of you in this group how many shots to you think we can hit out of 12. One kid quickly yelled out 30. Hmm 30 out of 12 would be impressive!

Another kid at camp asked me why I have my sunglasses on top of my head. I explained when I'm taking pictures I usually take the glasses off. I told him if I don't put them on top of my head I would probably lose them. I thought it was a good explanation. However the six year old looked at me shook his head and said "Photo lady you are the silliest person on the planet." I laughed and said thank you and he replied back "...Besides that you don't even have cool sunglasses, you have mom sunglasses."

Well thanks for the fashion advise I guess I thought my mom sunglasses were ok.

Since I'm not cool enough maybe the boss should give me a raise so I can afford some Oakleys??