Archer (left) and Johnson
Archer (left) and Johnson
Since we are in a bit of a down time for sports. I have been busy out at the Montgomery County 4H Fair shooting lots and lots of photos. I thought I would share just a few of my tips about the fair.

For the most part I'm too busy taking photos at the fair to sample all the foods there. I do have one tradition of always getting the caramel apples bowls with peanuts. I highly suggest that treat to all. The homemade caramel is loaded on and is oh-so-good!

My next tip is . . . ALWAYS watch where you are walking. Lots of animals means lots of poo. I thought I was doing well watching my step, but during the pet parade, I moved in the arena to get a good shot of a cute little kid and stepped in a pile. Nothing like getting shoe-pooed while working.

Since many of our local athletes also have projects at the fair, it's kind of fun to see other things they are involved in. I know all the kids put many hours of hard work into their animals or projects.

One that kind of made me laugh the other day was recent Southmont graduate Derek Benge. He has shown dairy cows for several years. Benge is a pretty strong kid and can manhandle those big-ole dairy cows pretty well. Unfortunately, here in his 10th and final year, he is injured and his little sister had to take over showing for him. Abbie Benge won the showmanship award and, according to their mom, big brother was quick to tell her they need to split the trophy in half because he is the one that taught Abbie how to show and work the ring. Now according to Abbie, Derek taught her by yelling at her. We will just call it coaching. Sorry Coach Benge, I think your little sister earned the trophy outright, but you did a great job coaching your little sister to victory.

Now you know me, I can always find some sports action. Looks like to pass the time at the fair recent North Montgomery graduate Nick Archer (football and track) and Crawfordsville sophomore Trent Johnson (football, basketball and baseball) set up a little whiffle ball field and are looking to get more people to join the whiffle ball teams. They say it's just for fun, but I know how competitive these two are in sports. They will have fun when if they win.

The other sporting event this year was held on Saturday. Franciscan St Elizabeth Health and the 4H Extension office sponsored a color run 5k for the first time. Many of the 4H participants and their family's made the early morning run/walk and seemed to have a good time. Of course the only color for the color run was 4H green.

Today at the fair you can catch the goat show and tomorrow is the swine show. Both contest always have a lot of local athletes so I look forward to see how they so at the fair. Good luck to all. Oh yeah, and to continue my weekly countdown . . . just 31 days until the first high school football games.