As you know, tonight is the start of boys' basketball sectionals across the state.

So teams are excited no matter what their record may be! They want a chance to make school history and be a part of sectional championship team.

Our teams feed into the Frankfort Sectional. I really don't know how the teams feel about the Hotdog gym (the gym also known as the Homer Dome). I, personally, am not a fan of Case Arena. Sure it looks cool with its dome like shape from the outside. However, as a photographer there are few places worse to shoot basketball photos. It's a very poorly lit gym. The goals are on poles instead of suspended so they will be in my way. Cheerleaders or someone is always at every possible good angle in the gym, so I will have to work hard this week to get some decent photos. Yeah, glad I love a challenge, because Case Arena will be a challenge to shoot photos.

Even though from a photographers stand point I don't like the gym much, it's still a pretty cool old place. It seats over 5,000 people, which I'm sure is why they chose the gym as a sectional site.

Just in case you're wondering, North Montgomery's gym seats around 4,000 people, Southmont's gym is listed at 3,200 capacity and Crawfordsville's, while looks much bigger, is stated to seat around 2,500 people. No matter how many people a gym seats few things are more exciting in Indiana than a packed gym with screaming fans. There is nothing like Hoosier Hysteria!

For you true basketball buffs, Case Arena was used as the home gym for the Nick Nolte movie Blue Chips.

The movie came out in 1994. It's the story of a college who was trying to play by the rules but caved under pressure to win by alumni and administrators. Nolte's character began illegal recruiting to get some of the top players. The more he won, the stronger the pressure to keep winning.

Case Arena was transformed into Western University for the movie and even had a huge dolphin painted on the wall because in the movie Western was the dolphins of course. No one would really want to be called a Hotdog right?

If you have not seen Blue Chips, it's not a bad basketball movie, it's by no means Hoosiers, but no basketball movie can top Hoosiers.

Nolte does a good job as a basketball coach but the movie also has a few other high profile people that basketball fans will know. Shaquille O'Neal, Penny Hardway, and Bob Cousy all have roles in the movie. Making cameo appearances are college coaches like Bob Knight, Rick Pitino, Matt Painter and everyone's favorite announcer to get annoyed at Dick Vitale. Even Larry "The Legend" Bird can be spotted in the movie.

Well now you know just a little history on the sectional site. Starting tonight lets hope a Montgomery County team makes their own history in Case Arena. Good Luck guys! Bring home a sectional title and you will remember it forever. Let's go Montgomery County, pack the gym and cheer on our teams.