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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

  • Linden Cheerleaders Part 3 / Final Part
    Monday, July 24, 2017 4:00 AM
    Lana Little Wright remembers her cheerleading days as she writes:
    And yes, I agree with Karen. My recollection is that we cheerleaders all got along quite well. We did work hard; but it was always fun to practice, as well as help the crowds support the team. 
    Sometimes we practiced inside our homes! We had to limit our energy a bit, but a lot of action can happen in a living room with the coffee table pushed back. 
    I don't recall an "adviser." We were sort of "left on our own." It was an honor to be a LHS Cheerleader!
    Lana and Karen remembered their classmate, Larry Rice, the Linden race car driver:
    YES! Larry was such a nice young man. He was incredibly easy going, with a soft smile. And wonderful family! Larry's sister, Beth, was one of my best friends, and in my class. When Beth had slumber parties, Larry got a lot of attention from the year-younger girls attending. I'm guessing he enjoyed it.
    And then of course he was such a marvelous race car competitor. He and his dad worked on his cars steadily as Larry grew up. And he was extremely competitive. I think he drove in the Indianapolis 500 at least once. That's "star power."
    Do I remember anything about his basketball skills? NO! What does that say about a typical high school girl?
    :) Lana
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  • Sunday, July 23, 2017 9:30 PM
    Appearing in their second consecutive American Legion state finals, the Byron Cox Post 72 junior team was looking to do something that no other Crawfordsville team before them had done, and that’s bring home a state championship.
    The guys didn’t come home with the top spot, but they did better than the 2013 senior teams fourth place finish by finishing third falling to Newburgh and Terre Haute Saturday.
    “This has been just a great team to coach,” said head coach Johnathan Pickett. “Their commitment to the program has been great this season.”
    “Each of these guys love the game of baseball, and it shows both on and off the field,” he continued. “I couldn’t be prouder of their efforts all season.”

    Post 72 vs. Richmond
    After a three-hour rain delay Friday afternoon, they opened the tournament by taking on the hosts, Richmond, whom they defeated the week before at the Kokomo Regional. The rain delay didn’t dampen their bats, collecting 18 hits, and received a solid pitching performance from Cole Roach, to grab the win 13-3.
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  •  Wheat knows that ain’t a water moccasin
    Saturday, July 22, 2017 4:00 AM
    I’m going to viciously puncture a cherished assumption held by many outdoors enthusiasts in this area: I’m sorry, but there are no poisonous snakes here. There are some nearby but the chances of you running into a rattlesnake or water moccasin locally is about the same as this writer being crowned Indiana State Fair Queen.
    In either case, make sure you get pictures.
    The frightening specter of poisonous snakes becomes an issue every summer as more folks are wandering around the outdoors. I speak with countless outdoors enthusiasts during my own adventures and frequently the subject of snakes is invariably raised, quickly followed by a discussion of poisonous snakes and their frightening abundance in the immediate area.
    I must then shake my head and explain that there are no poisonous snakes hereabouts, followed by a detailed description of the documented home ranges of Indiana’s various poisonous snakes. This collection of fact and personal observation is always met with scorn and disbelief, sometimes bordering on violent, and is occasionally even followed by vague conspiratorial references to “that’s what the DNR wants us to believe.”
    It would all be laughable except the fact that I’ve had even close friends get mightily offended when I explained they’re wrong about the topic. But they are, and I’ll try to show why.
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  • Pietsch signs with IU South Bend
    Friday, July 21, 2017 4:00 AM
    North Montgomery’s Gregory Pietsch decided Indiana University South Bend was a perfect fit for him to be able to continue his education and keep playing his favorite sport baseball which he began playing back in the first grade.
    This past season Pietsch hit .398 had four home runs, 10 doubles and 30 RBIs for the Chargers. Pietsch was also the Chargers catcher.
    “The opportunity to be a part of the Honors program and also the baseball program is an incredible opportunity and something that I am excited to be a part of,” said Pietsch.
    He plans on majoring in marketing and is considering a double major with advertising as well.
    Pietsch has a twin brother, Matthew, who also played baseball for North as a left handed pitcher. The Pietsch brothers have a unique opportunity - they will both be playing college ball in South Bend, just not at the same school. Matthew will be at Bethel College.
    The schedule for the two schools are not out yet but in past seasons Bethel and IU South Bend have played each other so there is a good chance the Pietsch brothers will square off on opposite teams for the first time. 
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  • Friday, July 21, 2017 4:00 AM
    In just its second year of existence, the Byron Cox Post 72 American Legion Junior baseball team will be playing in its second state championship tournament when they travel to Richmond this weekend. Last year, they qualified because they hosted the tourney at Crawfordsville High School. This season, however, they had a tougher road as they qualified by winning the Kokomo Regional.
    They started their quest with a 3-0 opening round win over the hosts and turned right around, playing a second game of their double header, by defeating Richmond 12-2. They completed their championship run with a 7-2 win over Kokomo.
    “This is the fourth time a Byron Cox Post 72 baseball team has played in an American Legion state tournament (the senior team has qualified twice, once is 2013 and the other in 2015 while the junior team is playing in their second consecutive),” said head coach Johnathan Pickett. “We’re hoping to bring home a state title.”
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  • Thursday, July 20, 2017 8:00 PM
    Carl Lamb scored his 1st hole in one at the Crawfordsville Muncipal Golf Course on hole No. 7 Thursday. The 165-yard shot was witnessed by Ken Skodinski, Steve House and Jim Tucker.
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  • Thursday, July 20, 2017 4:00 AM
    TERRE HAUTE- The North Montgomery Little League All Star team was in Terre Haute again last night. This time they took on West Terre Haute. They went down early in the game and didn’t start to get warmed up until the end. North was defeated 13-2.
    The North Montgomery team gave up six runs before they were able to put up any of their own. Ross Dyson and Gage Galloway were able to score off errors in the top of the fourth inning to put up their teams only runs. Galloway and Corbin Meadows both had hits in this game. Jordan Miller took the mound for the first two innings and walked off with three strikeouts.
    North had a solid offense that was able to put runs up even when it seemed like they were struggling. A lack luster defense is what allowed Terre Haute to score more runs. A little more practice in the field and this team will be where they need to be to compete with the best. 
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  • Thursday, July 20, 2017 4:00 AM
    “Have you seen ‘em?” That’s what the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is asking.
    The DNR’s Division of Fish and Wildlife is hoping we — the general public — will assist them in important research. They want us to help them conduct an inventory of the state’s wild turkey population, by reporting any new broods we see during July and August.
    Well, I like turkeys as much as the next guy, and even though I know nothing about them be-yond the pop-up timer, I decided to hop online, and report the wild turkey that I saw sprinting across the road in western Hendricks County. After logging my sighting on the DFW website, I make one suggestion.
    Don’t do it!
    Oh, don’t get me wrong. I think the DFW and their census is a worthy cause. As I learned on their website, this is a particularly critical time in the wild turkey population. The poults (young turkeys) and the hen (mother) are on the move through Indiana woodlands. Dad has very little to do with raising the chicks, and spends most of his time watching football, until … [gulp] … Thanksgiving.
    In late summer, broods congregate and form small flocks as the poults take their first awkward flights. Yes! Unlike their domestic cousins, wild turkeys can fly! Who knew? Thanks, website.
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  • Wednesday, July 19, 2017 4:00 AM
    The Crawfordsville Thunder 14U baseball team’s season comes to a close with a 1-1 performance on Saturday. The first one was against the Astros. The Thunder took this game in a very close 8-7 score line. The downtime between this game and the next proved to be detrimental as they were defeated by the Titans 16-4 later in the day. 
    Errors were the decider in the Thunder vs Astros game on Saturday. The Thunder were able to limit the amount of mistakes in the field and edge out their opponents by one run in the end. They scored one more run than the Astros in the second, third, and fourth innings to give them a 6-3 lead heading into the final inning. The Thunder allowed four runs in the fifth, but brought in two of their own to win the game 8-7. Gabe Joyner, Andrew Martin, and Hayden Norman all had a hit in this game. Martin also brought in three RBI’s. 
    The Thunder faltered in the second inning against the Titans, but kept up with them in the rest of the game. They went down 11-0 after the second inning, but was only outscored by one run for the remainder of the game. Darian Adams and Eli Reeves both went 1-for-2 and combined for three RBI’s. Zach Fichter and Sam Decker both had a hit apiece as well. Adams also found some success on the mound. He threw four strikeouts in just under two innings pitched. Fichter and Caleb Coons had a combined three strikeouts in under one inning pitched each. 
    The Thunder’s summer season ended with a tight victory and a loss against a strong team. It may not have been how they imagined it ending, but the season as a whole was a success. The team had a lot of high points and a lot to look forward to in the future. 
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  • Monday, July 17, 2017 10:04 PM
    LAFAYETTE- The Byron Cox Post 72 legion baseball team competed in their regional over the weekend. They played the semifinal round on Saturday against Lafayette Post 11. Lafayette would come out on top in this down to the wire game 5-4. This loss dropped Post 72 into the loser bracket where they once again met up with Lake Village. The winner of this game would get a rematch against Lafayette in the finals. The Byron Cox team ran over Lake Village just like in the first round on Friday, this time they won 21-5. Post 72 would have to defeat Lafayette twice since they came from the loser’s bracket and just about did it. They won 15-2 in the first game, but were unable to keep it up in the second game and lost 18-1 to narrowly place second in the regional. 
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  • Linden Cheerleaders Part 2
    Monday, July 17, 2017 4:00 AM
    Lana Little Wright remembered her cheerleading days with great fondness:
    Any discussion about cheerleading at Linden High School in the '60s has to include the tremendous Linden Bulldog spirit! Truly, we appreciated the incredible support and backing we received from the entire Linden community. The gym was always packed with boisterous fans: students, parents, and community members considered the games an important event and roared their support. And, of course, win or lose, the Linden Cafe was filled with clapping, cheering supporters when the team showed up for snacks after the games. 
    The movie "Hoosiers," epitomizes what small-town Indiana basketball was like in the 60s. It was a phenomenon, for sure. I can still sing you the Bulldogs' Fight Song. I can remember the cheerleading "moves" for a couple of the cheers. Unfortunately, at this point, the quality of the physical replication (not just mental) is less than ideal!
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  • Saturday, July 15, 2017 4:00 AM
    INDIANAPOLIS- The Crawfordsville Thunder baseball team played two games last night against the Indiana Elite and the Shamrocks. They got off to a rough start with a 15-0 loss to the Elite, but played better in the second game against the Shamrocks. The Thunder would go on to lose the second game by a score of 7-4, but kept up with their opponents until the second half of the game. 
    It may have been a bad start to the day on Friday against the Indiana Elite, but there were a few shining moments. Caleb Coons and Darian Adams went 1-for-2 in the first game of the day. Adams’ hit was a single in the second inning and Coons’ was a single in the fourth. Unfortunately the team couldn’t rally together any consecutive plays. The second game was a lot closer. The Thunder began this game with a 4-2 lead after two innings thanks to a double from Henry Taylor that brought in the first two runs for his team. Zach Fichter and Ty Lynas both hit singles that landed each of them an RBI on the stats sheet and gave their team a two run lead. The game seemed to be in the Thunder’s control, but they gave up a total of five runs in the final three innings without responding to lose the game 7-4. Lynas and Taylor had great games, each going 2-for-3. Lynas also had an RBI and Taylor finished the game with two. Fichter went 1-for-3 and Hayden Norman went 1-for-2 at the plate. Taylor also pitched three innings in this game and threw three strikeouts.
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  • Friday, July 14, 2017 10:10 PM
    TERRE HAUTE- The North Montgomery All Stars 11U baseball team played against their county rival Southmont last Thursday. This game went down to the wire with the winning run being scored in the final inning by Southmont. The Mounties won by a score of 10-9.
    This nail biter of a game was kept close by solid batting from the Chargers. Cooper Walters led North in batting by hitting a double to go 1-for-2 with an RBI and two runs. Jack Warren and Beckett Martin both had hits as well as a run each. Keaton Brown, Dane Elliott, Cameron Enlow, and Liam Meadows all had an RBI in this game to keep it close. North Montgomery had a plethora of pitchers take the mound throughout the game, but Warren, Martin and Aiden Ambriz are the ones who stood out. They combined for six strikeouts getting two apiece. 
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  • Friday, July 14, 2017 10:09 PM
    The Crawfordsville Indiana Thunder 14U baseball team took care of business Thursday afternoon against the Mafia. 
    The Thunder posted four runs in the first and two more in the fourth on the way to a 6-3 triumph. 
    Ty Lynas, Gabe Joyner, Caleb Coons, Henry Taylor, Darian Adams, Eli Reeves and Corbin Smith had hits for the Thunder. Reeves drove in a pair of runs while Smith and Coons added an RBI each. 
    On the bump, Adams tossed three innings of 1-hit ball, fanning eight. Zach Fichter closed things out with a pair of strikeouts over the final two innings. 
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  •   Brent Wheat’s 2017 Camping Etiquette Guide
    Friday, July 14, 2017 4:00 AM
    It’s prime camping season and hordes of Hoosiers are heading to private campgrounds and state parks to enjoy all the healthy benefits of outdoor living: wholesome days of hiking, nights around the campfire, fellowship, outdoor beauty and Mick Jagger howling “I can’t get NO satisfaction”. 
    Let me explain.
    I have been accused of being a curmudgeon, a charge that I whole-heartedly embrace, but nowhere is that trait more on display than the campground during peak season. Being sentenced to a weekend of hard labor at tent city reminds me of all the reasons I quit summer camping in the first place 
    Don’t get me wrong- I love to sleep outdoors. During those moments when I am forced to mentally “go to my happy place,” it is represented by a secluded mountaintop garnished with a tiny blue tent and a couple of friends sitting nearby smoking cigars, enjoying a wee bit of Kentucky Holy Water and watching the sun depart toward China. What I don’t dream about is the nylon and aluminum slums that sprinkle the hinterlands of Indiana.
    Some of this disdain stems from simple proximity. Most campgrounds think nothing of stacking sites close enough together that if someone sneezes in the middle of the night, a dozen other voices murmur “Bless you.” I just don’t find it relaxing to literally be rubbing elbows with the neighbors while visiting our so-called “Wide Open Spaces.”
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