Meta Comes To Crawfordsville

Yesterday, business and community leaders and students from area high schools got the opportunity to experience the next generation in talent development and attraction. VisionThree (V3), an Indianapolis-based tech firm who is reimagining recruitment of talent through Virtual Reality (VR) and the metaverse, invited folks to experience the technology for themselves.

V3’s newest initiative, called V3CONNECT, uses VR headsets to connect high school students to career opportunities through immersive talent pathway experiences showcasing a variety of business sectors. Today’s pilot demonstration allowed participants to see first-hand how the technology works and then provide feedback to onsite research fellows who are collecting data for the firm to ensure the program provides the best learning outcomes.

The V3CONNECT program mission is to build and expand a comprehensive national talent pipeline ecosystem, removing geographic and socioeconomic barriers to opportunities, empowering and inspiring the next generation of the workforce through immersive experiences. With the support of community, corporate and education partners in areas like Crawfordsville, VR career labs will be placed in schools, colleges, universities and at a wide range of additional community locations across the U.S., offering direct access to the latest available immersive career pathway content.

The near-term goal is to have V3CONNECT VR Career Pathway labs placed in every high school, community college, and university in the state of Indiana by 2025. The V3 team is currently touring the state of Indiana and beyond with this V3CONNECT Roadshow, as they lead into the full-scale program launch beginning in January of 2023.

“Innovation is at the heart of what we do and introducing creative ways to educate students on career opportunities is one of the primary goals of our Workforce Development Alliance, so it was the perfect platform for this pilot,” said Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton.

VisionThree CEO Heather Jackson said, “We are thrilled to be working with the City of Crawfordsville as a first mover with this initiative. The forward-thinking vision and approach of the leadership and community members here makes this an ideal location for V3CONNECT launch and beyond.”

For more information on VisionThree and to learn about their products including V3CONNECT, please contact Dawn Lang, VP of Strategic Partnerships, at

About VisionThree:

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