A. While County roads are not closed severe weather is affecting County roads and the risk of travel on County Roads is upon the person traveling upon such road or roads.

B. The driver or person in charge of a vehicle, whether or not stalled, that impeded or interferes with highway snow removal crews or emergency vehicles responding to an emergency may be directed to remove the vehicle from the County road by any law enforcement officer or County highway employee.

C. If an unoccupied vehicle impedes or interferes with highway snow removal crews or emergency vehicles and the driver or person in charge of such vehicle cannot be found, the Sheriff, Emergency Management Director of Montgomery County or County highway employee may order the vehicle to be towed to a place of safety at the owner's expense.

D. A person who stops, parks or leaves a vehicle shall leave a sufficient unobstructed width of the roadway opposite the vehicle for a free passage of other vehicles and a clear view of the stopped vehicle from a distance of three hundred (300) feet in each direction upon the highway.

E. The driver of each vehicle shall drive at a reduced speed appropriate to the weather and highway conditions (I.C. 9-21-5-4).

F. It is unlawful for a person to knowingly fail to comply with a lawful order or direction of a law enforcement officer, County highway employee or Emergency Management Director directing, controlling or regulating traffic under this ordinance.


3:00 P.M. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2008 TO

6:00 A.M. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2008