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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
  • Just the right thing for a warm evening in May
    Tuesday, May 26, 2020 7:52 AM
    Home Country
    Slim Randles
    It was one of those evenings that makes you glad there’s a month called May. Bob Milford parked his truck in front of the Mule Barn truck stop, then changed his mind and drove the few blocks into town and parked in front of Sarah’s Read Me Now book store and got out.
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  • At Wit’s End . . .
    Tuesday, May 26, 2020 7:49 AM
    Better days ahead . . .
    Between the crazy highs and lows in the weather temps . . . along with COVID-19, gardening and yard work has hit the bottom of my to-do list this year.
    I usually look forward to tinkering in the yard on a nice spring day. Being outside in the fresh air brings a sense of joy and peace for me. Being outdoors has not only been a proven way to de-stress but it has also been shown that focusing on an activity that brings you joy can be helpful in reducing the risk of depression.
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  • Reserved for honor, memories
    Tuesday, May 26, 2020 7:28 AM
    There are times when Memorial Day slips by us unnoticed. Sadly, that is the greatest share of the time. Memorial Day is probably the most ignored holiday on our calendar. At the very least, it is the most misunderstood.
    Far too few of us know Memorial Day is set aside each year to pay respects to the men and women who lost their lives in service to the United States military.
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  • More summer safety issues to address
    Monday, May 25, 2020 4:00 AM
    Readers have asked me to address more summer safety issues. It’s great to see kids and adults out on their bicycles now that the weather has warmed up. This will undoubtedly result in more bike accidents. Some of the most difficult experiences I had during my medical training were when I took care of kids who were brain injured as a result of bike accidents.
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  • Take your shoes to be worked on? We don’t do that here anymore.
    Sunday, May 24, 2020 4:00 AM
    Have you ever taken your shoes to be worked on? Does anyone do that anymore? I remember when fixin’ shoes was cheaper than buyin’.
    Of course, back then they were quality made and lasted a long time if cared for properly. I've been looking for a brand-new pair of blacks and a brown for about a month now. Everywhere I look, they are just not quite right. The pair I am trying to replace is about new but they are worn out with a few holes.
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  • What will my wife’s survivor benefit be?
    Saturday, May 23, 2020 4:00 AM
    Dear Rusty: I am a 68-year-old retired male and had planned on waiting to collect Social Security benefits beginning at age 70. My wife is currently 53 years old. When I die, would my wife’s spousal benefit at her full retirement age be equal to what I would be receiving at age 70 or be reduced? Also, if I were to die before 70 and before collecting social security, what would be my wife’s survivor benefit at her full retirement age? Signed: Older Husband
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  • Medicare wanted to help me get in touch with my feminine side
    Friday, May 22, 2020 4:00 AM
    The other day, a friend approached me (stopping at six feet away, of course) and during our conversation he asked which was my favorite column out of nearly 1,000 I’ve written. Well, this is like asking King Solomon who his favorite wife was. The king and I both could name a few we didn’t like, but picking number one is tough. While most of my stuff is an exaggeration of the truth, this story really happened, word for word. It began eight years ago when I got this notification in the mail:
    Dear Richard Wolfsie:
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  • Winston Wilson, Mitch Maxwell and other Hoosier hoop heroes
    Friday, May 22, 2020 4:00 AM
    The boys in my class started playing basketball in the third grade when Raymon Brown, the 6th grade teacher, organized the 3rd and 4th grade boys into four teams. These teams then played against each other in front of the high school students during their lunch hour. We had no plays . . . we just tried to make a basket. I scored twice that year...a miracle 30-ft. shot from the sideline . . . and a lay-up . . . unfortunately for the other team.
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  • Sen. Boots shares test information
    Friday, May 22, 2020 4:00 AM
    In an effort to expand COVID-19 testing to as many Hoosiers as possible, the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) is partnering with OptumServe Health Services to offer COVID-19 test sites across the state.?Hoosiers who have symptoms of COVID-19 and those who have been exposed and need a test to return to work are encouraged to visit a state-sponsored testing site.
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  • 2020 Toyota Highlander is the enduring platinum family wagon
    Thursday, May 21, 2020 4:00 AM
    By Casey Williams
    When the Toyota Highlander arrived for 2001 as a more affordable version of the ground-breaking Lexus RX, it changed the industry. Unlike almost all SUVs at the time, the Highlander rode on a version of the Camry’s unibody architecture instead of a truck frame. This gave the vehicle the space of an SUV, but the ride and handling of a mid-size sedan. Every automaker followed Toyota’s lead since. Completely redesigned for 2020, the Highlander proves it still leads the segment it helped create.
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  • Starting to go stir-crazy during this quarantine
    Thursday, May 21, 2020 4:00 AM
    It’s safe to say everyone is getting a bit tired of it.
    My parents, both in their eighties, were going a little stir-crazy in Florida. They missed their house in the woods and so they filled the RV with food and water and drove 2000 miles north. I was worried about them, naturally, but they only left their RV to fill up with gas and they are now in their home up north and a lot happier. My mom explained how they were able to make it in record time.
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  • Dora Larsh comes back home to Montgomery County
    Thursday, May 21, 2020 4:00 AM
    Two beautiful girls were born in Crawfordsville to a man in the hardware business (Tinsley’s) and his wife. One, TheoDora would grow to become a world known miniature artist while the other, Marie, younger by a year, was just as talented (perhaps a bit more geared toward music but said to be equal to Dora in art, as well).
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  • Remembering Dick Taylor, a good man
    Wednesday, May 20, 2020 4:00 AM
    It seems like a hundred years ago.
    Dan and Dave Taylor were seniors at Southmont High School. Rich Clouse, one of their coaches, called one of his former athletes with a recommendation that these two ultra-talented seniors be considered for part-time employment.
    The year was 1979 and that was my introduction to the Taylor twins. Over the next few months, I got to know the whole family, sister Sally, mom Barb and dad Dick – a fine family.
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  • What is VOTE411 and is it useful for me?
    Wednesday, May 20, 2020 4:00 AM
    VOTE411 is an on-line tool for voters across the country. It is an objective, non-partisan source of election and candidate information managed by the National League of Women Voters (LWVUS). By going to the website,, you can register to vote, find out if you’re already registered to vote, see what’s on your ballot, get a mail-in ballot, see your ballot and read about each candidate’s position on the issues.
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  • The year of dreams coming to a total fulmination of wonder and delight
    Tuesday, May 19, 2020 4:00 AM
    Home Country
    Slim Randles

    “This is the year,” said Dud, flipping his cup to the upright and fillable position. Mavis filled it up and brought him a saucer full of fake cream. “Been thinking about it, and this is definitely the year.”
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