Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guest!
Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guest!
Crawfordsville lured this week’s guest here twice in separate job-related incidents. She grew-up in Ft. Wayne, graduating from North Side in a class of 800, in just one of Ft. Wayne’s seven high schools. Baby boomers made the schools so extremely overcrowded. “We were in a school equipped for 500 and we had 2500. Classes were at staggered times (7-11; 8-12; 8-3) so being in sports or other activities was a difficult matter, presenting multiple trips back for meetings and such. She said she was literally in nothing (but Key Club one year) because there were just too many kids in the various multiple activities. However, she does admit that even now she wishes she’d have worked on stage crews in musicals. Other than that, there are really no regrets because her life goals were to become a wife and mother and those she accomplished with great finesse!
She grew-up with a brother and sister, with just the brother left in Ft. Wayne. Both her parents were only children. Her father passed away when she was seven and mother when she was 30, so the big family of her husband’s was a bit scary. However, she loved them all. “I was like a daughter to his mom, and we were very close!”
From high school, she went on to Ball State, majoring in English & Art, Secondary Education. Always, she wanted to marry a tall man (like the palm trees in Florida) and she saw one she liked in the mutual dorm cafeteria. She asked someone who he was. From then on when she saw him, she’d say, “Hi, Steve!” Eventually, he must have caught-on that she was interested, as he found out who she was and gave her a call. They hit it off fast and hard, getting married between their Sophomore and Junior years in a lovely, large wedding in Ft. Wayne.
She gave me to know however, that they were college students first, a married couple second. He was a member of Delta Tau Delta, she was in Sigma Kappa sorority. He was from Lynn, Indiana where he was a basketball star. At BSU, he played intermural sports but had trouble with his knee cap going out. Finally, the trainer said quit playing basketball.
In college PE class, he took tennis as a choice since basketball was out. Much better on the knee. That became his love. That probably also gives away my little mystery but read on if you’ve not yet guessed my guest this week.
After graduation they first went to Martinsville where they taught, he in business and she 7th-8th grade English and art. When they finished four years there, he was offered a job at CHS as a high school counsellor beginning the fall of 1974. “We then chose to be poor,” as they both wanted her to be with their children. Three daughters, in fact. They were active in the First Methodist Church and she did teach Sunday School (including at times to her daughters) for 20 years.
After a short time, he began as the tennis coach. He designed the courts at CHS and they bear his name, so you all know at this point, that Steve Macy’s lovely wife, Sherry is my guest this week. Not long before he passed away (June 1990) his team accomplished his 100th win.
Three daughters blessed this couple. They were active in tennis, musicals, and various choirs. The oldest, Laurie is married to Chris Fry who works for Cisco. She home schools their three children, two boys and a girl and is the Coop Coordinator for the home school group where they live in NC. Kristin is married to lawyer Jason Howard. She is a part time Art teacher. They have one son and three daughters and live in Overland Park, Kansas. Carrie, their youngest coaches on her dad’s courts (how cool is that), is married to Josh Jones, who is the pastor at Harbor Nazarene Church; she teaches fourth grade at Hoover. They have three daughters. “Right now, they look just like my girls,” Sherry says.
So, total up Steve and Sherry Macy’s grandkids. They have ten, ages 3 to 19, 3 boys and 7 girls. Sherry chose to stay in Crawfordsville until Carrie graduated. For five years, she worked for Bob Snyder who was Regional Director of the Governor’s Commission for Drug-Free Indiana. Then for seven years she worked for Prof. Raymond Williams, as his Administrative Assistant at the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion.
It was Josh’s job as pastor that brought Sherry back to Crawfordsville for the second time. She came back with them to help with the girls, after helping with the other grands. Laughing, she noted: “My living room looks like a nursery school!” Sherry has also lived in North Carolina, Kansas City, and Florida. She’d be extremely happy to be right back in good ‘ol C’ville if the other two girls didn’t live so far away, though.
A crafty lady, Sherry loves to knit, cross stitch and make things. Her bucket list includes returning to England. She has gone twice, once when Laurie was studying there and the other when Carrie was there studying. One of the coolest things ever was hearing Easter service at Westminster Abbey. Not quite so cool when she set off the alarm when she tried to exit Windsor Castle. Other items on the list are touring the northwest part of America and lower Canada.
Her advice to the world would include to laugh, have fun and certainly don’t waste time getting angry. Top that off that she’d like to live by a body of water. She’s a planner and organizer so bet she can get that done! Also, she loves to read English mysteries.
An extremely sweet and fun, talented lady, I appreciated her getting together with me (had a blast) in order to feature her as this week’s ATC guest!
Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.