The Little Paper That Could was recently recognized in our industry’s premiere publication, Editor & Publisher. Each March the magazine does a feature called 10 Newspapers That Do It Right. As they point out, it’s not a listing of the 10 best papers in the country, nor is it intended to say any of them are perfect. It’s just a way to highlight and share good ideas from papers around the U.S.
No, the Little Paper That Could was not one of the 10. However, we did make the honorable mention list of 12 – so out of 22 newspapers from all over the United States, your paper that is owned and operated right here in Montgomery County was up there with the big boys.
Before anyone thinks we’re getting the big head at the worldwide HQ, let me assure you that no one, at least not anyone with any common sense, in the media world is getting cocky right now. The future is too uncertain as a slew of sources vie for your attention. Social media wants to tell you the news. There are approximately 1,183,293 web sites in Montgomery County that want to be your information source – well, OK, maybe not quite that many . . . but it seems like it. And of course there are the traditional media outlets like radio, billboards, yellow pages, direct mail and so on.
So no, we’re not about to rest on our laurels.
What we will do is continue to push on and focus on the most important thing – you. We’ve never had a mission statement here. There’s nothing wrong with them, especially if you own the acrylic plaque-making company. The problem is that in an awful lot of companies there are an awful lot of folks who can’t tell you what the mission statement says exactly – so how much of a mission can it really be?
No, our company has had what we call cornerstones – local news, community involvement, customer service and life-long learning. We figure if we do those four things well things usually work out for the best. And when you dig down, you as a reader or an advertising customer, are at the heart of three of the four. We think that’s awfully important. After all, without you there is no us.
So yeah, it was nice to once again be recognized on a national stage. It’s happened a few times before and we are always thankful for it. But we know that the real recognition in Crawfordsville, in Chicago, New York, Dallas or anywhere else in the newspaper world belongs to you. You have a choice, and your loyalty enables us to keep on keepin’ on. And that, my friends, is what keeps us humble and more importantly, grateful.
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