Notes scribbled on the back of a Henry Lane for governor poster . . .
Another election has come and gone – and all across the country there are winners and losers.
Admittedly, my brain doesn’t seem to function the same as most folks. But here are some things I wonder every time an election wraps up.
• Do candidates regret some of the things they said on the campaign trail?
• In the vast majority of cases, these are really good folks. Do they wonder how they even got into a situation where they said things they might regret?
• On the state and national level, this isn’t much of a question. But on the local level, do the winners and losers have a bad taste in their mouth?
• Do you supposed Jim Bob Smith (who lost the election for Crawfordsville dogcatcher in 19-aught-two) told his wife to hit him upside the head with a 2x4 if he ever mentioned running for office again?
• Why aren’t we celebrating those folks who missed dinners with the family in order to run for public office?
• Why do we tear down and berate those folks who missed dinners with the family in order to run for public office?
• Will lobbyists ever go away?
• Can we mandate term limits across the board?
• Why is politics a dirty word?
• Why do we automatically mistrust folks running for office?
• When did it change to guilty until proven innocent?
• What are better odds – winning PowerBall, losing 50 pounds or fixing the mess?
• Has it always been this way?
• When did it start?
• Clinton and the blue dress?
• Nixon and Watergate?
• Warren Harding and the Teapot Dome?
• Thomas Jefferson and the Burr Conspiracy?
• Cain and Abel and the Town Council of Eden?
• OK, forget when it started, will it ever get better?
• If so, what must happen?
• Is there anyone alive who can lead that charge?
• Will they?
Hey, I didn’t say I have answers. Just questions. Frustrating, lingering, maddening questions. Welcome to my world.

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