Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guest!
Click the second dot below to see this week's Around the County guest!
These two grew-up in northern Putnam with a country road between ‘em. They began dating their freshman year in high school and have been married 42 years. Plus, they spent 38 of those years in the little town of Browns Valley. Now, he’s in Heaven as they live on Rocky Ridge Golf Course, and her official day working with the South School System after 31 years is coming up very shortly. They have also been members of New Hope Christian Church since 1986. Great feat! 
At North Putnam, he wrestled and was one of the football stars (along with the Brothers boys). She was the cheerleader who fell in love with the football star. The school record for most yards was our fellow’s for quite some time, but as all records seem to do, was broken later on. She did well in school but he kept his grades decent just so he could play sports. Think his notation was something like, “Tell it like it is!”
Our favorite hang-out (Pizza Hut) was our meeting place with this couple and Jim and I enjoyed hearing about their growing up in neighboring Putnam. For one thing, his was a very large family - eight brothers and sisters. Two girls, two boys, two girls, two boys, he being the oldest of the males. “We’d wake up to a huge pot of oatmeal. Grab a bowl, flop some in and sit down for grub!” Remembering canning wasn’t the best topic for him as they all spent hours doing it. When they got married, she wanted to have a big garden and can. “No! Buy it at the store!” Definitely, much easier that way! One year, all eight of the brothers and sisters were in school, oldest a senior, youngest in first grade. His dad was a truck driver and mom was pretty amazing working so hard to keep ‘em going, including making all their clothes. He said when bell bottoms came in, they all wanted some but there was just no money, so mom went to work cutting, patching and sewing away and bet theirs was better than the store-bought!
Her family wasn’t quite as large, having four girls and two boys, she the youngest girl. Gibson was her maiden name, her dad an Allison man, her mother having worked at the Roachdale Elevator for years. All are gone, now, but she does have a stepdad who will be 90 that she adores.
Summer after high school, they wed at the Bainbridge Christian Church in a small wedding with cake and punch in the church basement. Must have worked, though as it was 42 years ago. He had worked for some farmers, and the elevator during his school years, then to RR Donnelley’s right after they were married, and has been there since, working up through just about all the jobs there is, now Ink Technician. He works days and second shift.
They have three children, all South grads, all with Bachelor’s Degrees. When their youngest was a year old, he told her to either get a job or go to college. So, our guest decided to attend IU in education (later obtaining her masters one week before daughter Kylie received hers) and went on to teach Title One Reading, three years at Waveland and the rest in Kindergarten, First and Second grades at New Market, mainly first where she said, “I loved seeing their faces light-up when they realized they could read!” She doesn’t have many hobbies, because teaching those little ones has always been that.
Probably, she’s the most famous for having her pup in the classroom. Scooter was a Teacup Yorkie and the runt of a litter their kids volunteered to nurture. She was going to have to take off school to raise it as he had to be hand-fed but the school principal said, “Hey, I love dogs and he’d be a great learning experience for your class.” So, thinking Scooter would be there until well, she took him and continued teaching. Scooter went for 17 years. He ended-up four and a half pounds, perfect size for any kid. They learned to take care of a pet. Super for career day, for a Vet (Keedy) and groomers to come in. They taught him tricks (Sit, Smile, Roll-Over) and he was just someone to hold and cuddle. At that point, the term “Therapy Dog,” didn’t exist, but he basically was one.
Very involved when raising their own three, our fellow at one time helped with baseball and soft ball teams all the same year. They were in 4-H, Kylie being a 10-year member.
So, Ray and Denise Haulk (pronounced Hawk) have three wonderful children, Dustin a floor planner (only two companies in the US who do this where they help Mom and Pop Car Lots with financing) lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He has two daughters.
Another child, Kyle passed at full-term birth, so their next child was named with him in mind, Kylie. She lives in Carmel, is married with two step children, a boy and girl. She does Web Designing mainly at home.
Son Jai (yes, pronounced like the Tarzan character) just moved to Cincinnati and is a Christian minister. He is married with a boy and girl.
Their Bucket List includes spending more time camping (especially at Indiana Beach) with their kids and grands. More time together at Thanksgiving, Christmas and other times. Also, they want to enjoy Florida more during the winters.
They’ve been long-time cyclists, having a Harley, even riding to Maryland to see the first grandbaby (their grands now ranging from seven years to a freshman in high school).
She is a kidney cancer survivor, and to be admired for her fabulous attitude toward that. As she said, “The Lord, Kids, Marriage and Grandchildren are worth fighting for!”
I knew Denise a bit but first time I’d met Ray. Both were so much fun and I’m so happy they said yes to an interview. Greatly appreciate you being this week’s ATC guests!
Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.