Notes scribbled on the back of a Louie Dampier ABA trading card . . .
There are rumblings that the county is considering creating a county manager position. Expect some backlash from the folks who want Montgomery County to look the same as it did in 1956. However, give this a little thought and it might not be such a bad idea.
First off, anyone who thought the Kernan-Shepard Report (leaner local government) was on track should like this idea. I haven’t heard a lot about how the job will be structured, but it seems to make sense that a full-time professional managing a multi-million dollar entity is wiser than three part-time commissioners who have full-time jobs to worry about.
As for who it might be, if indeed it happens, one name consistently pops up, former Sheriff Mark Casteel – an excellent manager and good man.
Stay tuned.
* * *
WELL, THE boo-birds came out in opposition to a column I wrote about Montgomery County’s comprehensive plan. The one thing most of the naysayers pointed out is that they believe this is a precursor to zoning.
Look, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that. What I don’t get though is this fatalistic view that there’s some deep, dark conspiracy going on in which a few elected officials gather in a dark room, gleefully hatching a plot to enact zoning tomorrow morning.
Let me make a bold statement. Whether you want or don’t want zoning, elect those who will represent your choice. One side wins. One doesn’t. We’ll have zoning. We won’t. Call me silly, but I think that’s what some of us still call the American way. If we don’t accept that, then what exactly have we become?
* * *
ON A MORE pleasant subject, the League of Women Voters and the Community Foundation are teaming up to have three events at the Fusion 54 building on a topic many businesses are struggling with – finding and keeping good employees. The first one is Tuesday and the following two are April 17 and April 23. If you struggle with either finding or retaining good help, it might be worth your time.
* * *
AS MY PAL Honest Hoosier might say, here’s a tip of the seed corn cap to Dave Long. Word is that Mr. Long will be the new Montgomery United Fund drive chair for 2019. Truth to tell, I can’t think of any job more important in Montgomery County. The drive chair is responsible for raising hundreds of thousands of dollars that go to 15 or 20 agencies that do nothing but help a lot of people in need.
We here at the Little Paper That Could wish Mr. Long all the best in this most essential endeavor and pledge to help all we can!
* * *
WHILE ON the topic of The Paper, let me once again say thanks for the growth you’ve given us since we went seven days a week with our Online Edition. I got a note Monday from a reader who said that she hated giving up her print edition but understood our decision to only publish a paper version one day a week. She said that now she’s getting The Paper every day on her tablet, she wishes we would have done this year’s earlier.
From a business perspective, I wish we would have done this year’s ago as well. It has made lots of sense, it’s only the nostalgic part of me that thinks otherwise.
* * *
BY THE WAY, I saw Louie Dampier play and even though I hated the Kentucky Colonels, I was a big fan of his. He grew up in Indianapolis and made the Indiana All-Star squad. He was on Adolph Rupp’s University of Kentucky team that lost to Texas Western in the 1966 NCAA title game. He’s now 74. My how time flies.
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