There is a need to understand the difference between external and internal audiences in business.
There was a co-worker that sat in a cubicle next to me; she had a problem using good judgment in the content and delivery of her communication to both internal and external audiences for the company we worked for at the time. She was known for sharing too much information to others outside the company and handling situations within the office.
Overall, I felt if she had a better handle on the concept of the different audiences, she would be a better communicator, and others would be able to understand her – not to mention keeping the drama at a minimum.
Having a purpose is the most important part of communication. We should always specify exactly what we want our reader / listener to know, think or do. Through the years, I have found it is important to communicate well with any external audience of a company. For example, the coworker mentioned earlier was probably giving our company a poor image of how we do business.
Just as important, the way you communicate with fellow employees during difficult times has a tremendous impact on morale, engagement and productivity. I think it vital to all reading this article that they realize an internal audience is just as important as an external one. There are plenty of times in a business where a message gets communicated internally. There are very appropriate messages for a staff to be aware of, but not appropriate for your customers or vendors to hear. If there are some problems being experienced internally, but are being addressed, it may not be good for the general public to hear all those details.
Hopefully, all who read this will realize the differences in the two audiences of their business so they will be better communicate their purpose and not cause misunderstandings or unnecessary concerns.

Rick Hernandez is an executive in the auto industry, a former chamber director and is involved in many other community activities. His column appears weekly in The Paper of Montgomery County