Let me say that I’m often amazed when someone I don’t know comments on something I wrote. It’s hard for me to believe that anyone thinks my scribblings are worth the time . . . Beyond that though, what really leaves me scratching the declining hairs on my head is when there is a lot of agreement.
Bewildered and grateful, might be two appropriate words.
So thank you very kindly for the over-the-top reaction to last week’s babblings about the national anthem. I can’t think of anything I’ve written – with the exception to a column questioning the talent of a high school football team in West Texas – that’s drawn so much reaction. And I certainly do not believe anything has ever generated so much positive reaction.
It gives me faith in our future.
No, not because of my writing. Far from it. It gives me hope because so many of you agree that the insanity must stop – particularly when it comes to the very glue that holds this country together, our patriotism.
If your outpouring was any indication, this country is in better shape than many people think. And that, my friends, feels pretty darn good!
* * *
ON A SEMI-RELATED note . . . I’m not a big believer in polls – especially after so many so-called reputable ones told me with great certainty that Hillary Clinton was going to be our next president. But I do put some stock in the little poll we do each week, combined with feedback from you, dear reader. With that said, all indications point to not very many of us believing in the competency of government.
Now, before City Council President and long-time barber (he’s even got a license, by the way) Andy Biddle decides to shave a giant L on top my head the next time I sit in his chair, let me add that I don’t mean the local kind.
Don’t even mean the state folks, so relax Sen. Boots and Reps. Brown and Negele.
No, this is all about the folks inside the beltway.
Do you think I’m off base, or do an awful lot of us think that the folks who gave us $600 hammers and multi-trillion dollar debts have the uncanny ability to screw up just about anything?
No, it’s not a trick question.
What puzzles me though is why so many of us seem eager to let the federal government handle our health insurance, our retirement money and beyond. We apparently want to jump in on anything that “sounds” good for us.
I understand that the days where we earned our own way are gone – at least for a lot of folks. But I don’t get why they trust that the government will successfully manage their affairs.
* * *
NOW THAT fall sports are officially over, I’d like to borrow a line from our pal Honest Hoosier and offer a tip of the seed corn cap to those seniors who wrapped up their volleyball, cross country, tennis, soccer and football careers. They don’t know it now, but those times will be remembered fondly for years to come – and some of those friendships made on the practice courts and fields will last a lifetime.
On that note, all the best to the upcoming winter athletes. Good luck with swimming, wrestling, gymnastics and basketball!

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