Some of you might know who Red Smith was.
He was one of the very few sportswriters to earn a Pulitzer Prize, and another noted sportswriter David Halberstam said Red Smith was one of the greatest sportswriters ever. 
Smith started out in Milwaukee after graduating from Notre Dame and went through Philadelphia on his way to the big boys in New York.
He crafted sentences and played with words in a way that might be akin to what Rembrandt did with brushes and paint.
Someone once asked him if writing a column each day was hard.
No, he quipped. “You simply sit down at the typewriter, open your veins and bleed.”
I share this because, in this newspaper vagabond’s ever so humble opinion, the columns that appear in newspapers are the heart and soul. Any schlep can write a press release – and many do, especially today.
Don’t get me wrong. The stories of the day are important, a chronicle of history. But the words written in columns are what stick with you, especially when they are done well.
That’s why I’m so very pleased with the stable of columnists The Paper brings you each week – and why I’m thrilled to share that we’re adding one more to the mix!
John “Butch” Dale is bringing his unique and oh, so enjoyable style of writing to the pages of your favorite Montgomery County daily. His column begins tomorrow and will appear each Friday.
I’ve had the pleasure of reading the first couple, as well as several copies of the Darlington Herald that Butch puts together AND a good chunk of a book he wrote on Darlington High School. And I’ve got to tell you, you’re in for a treat. So far I’ve laughed at one and wiped my eyes on another.
But it doesn’t stop there. Of course people have loved John Marlowe’s writing – and that was before he was honored as the best columnist in the state of Indiana. Karen Zach, an accomplished author herself, has a fun and unique way of introducing you to her guests from around the county. Stacey Baschwit is fairly new to the column world, but has already created a good following.  
Ginger Claremohr just returned from a summer’s hiatus and judging from the clicks and the comments, you all are pretty excited about that.
Dr. John Roberts gives you great medical advice. Rusty Gloor helps clear up the mystery around Social Security. Carrie Classon visits each week and shares a little slice of life that is so very enjoyable to read.
And one of my favorites and long-time friends is Dick Wolfsie, Indiana’s funnyman, who keeps us laughing week after week.
Of course this doesn’t even get into sports and the great Bill Boone or any of the other tidbits like Honest Hoosier and the Bubbling Caldron and so many more.
So beginning tomorrow, the best collection of columnists around gets a little better. I hope you all enjoy Butch as much as I do.

 Two cents, which is about how much Timmons said his columns are worth, appears periodically in The Paper. Timmons is the publisher of The Paper and can be contacted at