Is there a worst month than September? Don’t give me that crap about fall, turning leaves, festivals, the smell of burning leaves on a Saturday afternoon. September is just the sneaky lookout in a three-man heist that takes us from shirt sleeves and shorts to frozen pipes and Oh my God, keep those frozen toes on your side of the bed!
What good has ever come out of September? Billy the Kid – a notorious murderer – was born in September. Mother Teresa passed away in September. On the very first day of this month 80 years ago, Adolph Hitler started what would become World War II. Heck, Los Angeles was founded on today’s date in 1781. Word has it that Bernie Sanders was actually there and told every resident they should get free house calls from the medicine man.
On a good side, the next Democratic debate will have 10 participants – a much lower number than the 1,894 candidates who initially claimed to be running for president. Conversely, all 10 will be in a three-hour debate next week. Anyone know what’s on TCM that night?
September is also the month for Homecomings. For football fans, it’s a great time. Even those who could care less about what happens on the field can see parades, floats, dances, pep rallies . . . a chance to participate for some, to reminisce for others.
Saturday is a big day, especially if you want to have some plane fun. Yes, that’s spelled correctly. It’s the 75th anniversary for our airport and there are festivities planned all day. In full disclosure mode, I’m on the airport board, but believe me when I tell you that all the heavy lifting out there is done by the staff. From 10 in the morning until around 2:30 in the afternoon there will be airplane and helicopter rides, appearances from some of the remaining Tuskegee Airmen, other aircraft, vendors and more. Seventh-five years? Pretty amazing when you think about it, and it’s a facility that is improving and growing. Come on out.
Like the small-town festivals? Then Saturday in New Ross or Darlington might be just your ticket. Down south in New Ross, it’s the 12th annual Walnut Township Community Day The theme for the day is “Honoring Our Local Heroes.” How can anything get better than that?
Head East (no musical pun intended) to Darlington for the Fish Fry & Festival, including a town-wide garage sale. How cool is that!
Saturday afternoon is the Celebration of Unity event in beautiful downtown Crawfordsville. Some folks turned their noses up last year. But hey, with all the hate in the world today, can’t we all use a little more unity? Good on the organizers of this event!
Toward the end of the month the fine folks at the Rotary Jail are putting on their Haunted Jail production! What a great event, especially for those who enjoy the paranormal world.
Out at Oak Hill Tree Farm you can find a corn maze, pumpkins waited to be picked, hay rides and more.
And for me on a personal level, my Fighting Irish football team are back on the field (although they didn’t exactly look overpowering against Louisville). Win or lose, there’s no better experience than being in South Bend on a warm Saturday afternoon and taking part in the gameday atmosphere. Go Irish! Maybe on a cold Saturday afternoon, too. Sheesh.
A close second, perhaps, is the Wabash football experience. Unfortunately, the Little Giants aren’t home much this month. They open on the road in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania before finally playing a home game in the friendly confines of Hollett Stadium at the tail-end of the month. Wabash Always Fights!
OK, OK, maybe September isn’t such a terrible month after all. But don’t try to sell me on the any of the cold months after that. They still stink.

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