Dear M.A.C.,

I head about some storms passing through this weekend. What does the weather look like for the Strawberry Festival and what happens if bad weather does come?



That's a great question! It looks like the temperature is going to hover just under 80 degrees, which should make for a comfortable time. There's about a 50/50 chance of isolated storms on Saturday and Sunday, so hopefully the weather holds off. On the chance it doesn't I gave Gary Williams a call.

He is the Chairman of the Strawberry Festival and had plenty of information about how they keep an eye on the weather.

"We have had an emergency plan set up for a long time and we have improved that plan greatly over the last few years," said Williams. "We work with the EMS and the Fire Department and we usually know about a half hour to an hour out what the storm is going to do. From their we will make a decision in regards to shutting the festival down."

Williams also explained he and others will work with Shari Harrington, EMA Director, as they had the last couple of years. Harrington recently acquired new equipment that helps to track and understand what storms are going to do with earlier notice.

Thanks for the question and have a great time at the Strawberry Festival!