Dear M.A,C,

Deb Calder at INDOT is absolutely right on the no left turn into McDonald's. Why isn't the same done on Main and Pike streets when you are turning off of U.S. 231?

Concerned driver

Dear Concerned Driver:

We asked Deb Calder and here is what she said:

"I checked with our Traffic Department.  Installing no left turn signs on US 231 northbound at Main Street and US 231 southbound at Pike Street has been an issue that has been investigated in the past by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).  In the Crawfordsville District, INDOT does not typically restrict left turn movements for certain times of the day.  If INDOT receives a request from the city of Crawfordsville then these two locations would be investigated and taken into consideration for additional signage."

Dear M.A.C

Some months ago it was reported the Mayor paid a firm several thousand dollars to do some sort of IT study for the City. What were the results of that study? The results may have been reported somewhere and maybe I just missed them.


Dear Clint,

We checked with Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton and here is what he said:

"We took the results of that study and have developed a road map on how to address our IT needs. The study showed us our strengths and weaknesses. Our strengths were in our infrastructure. Our weakness was in some of our hardware. It is more of a long term approach. It's not something we can fix overnight. It has been very useful."

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