Hey M. A. C. ,

I've noticed in the sports section of The Paper of Montgomery County that the Athenian baseball team has been playing some games this week. Can you tell me more about what the athletic teams in the county are doing while the three high schools are on spring break?

MoCo Sports Fan

No problem Sports Fan,

You are right about the Athenians. They headed down to Louisville, Ky. for their Spring Break trip and went x-x in four games against outstanding competition. Coach John Froedge and the Athenians know that this trip is more about preparing for the postseason than it is building their record. It definitely pays off in the long run.

As for the other teams, pretty much everyone is getting practice time in on some level. Some teams have been limited by low number due to the annual migration to any warm place, but there is certainly work being put in by teams and athletes all around Montgomery County.

Some teams are even getting some work in on some things thanks to the break. The Southmont Mounties players, coaches, parents, and fans used the break in action to pour some concrete as a dug out foundation, more one batting cage, add another, and build a nice bullpen. They put a lot of work in, but the players are taking ownership and improving their facilities, which is great to see.

The biggest benefit for teams this week was the break in weather that allowed them to get work in on many different things. Let's hope the weather continues to improve so that competition can kick into full swing when everyone gets back from the beach!

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