Dear MAC,

How much is all the work being done in the Crawfordsville school system costing? I know we passed a referendum for Tuttle, but there are new athletic fields and courts at the high school and what is going on at the old football field at Hoover?

Tax Payer

Dear Tax Payer,

I went on the hunt for you. Scott Bowling, Business Manager for the Crawfordsville Community School Corporation gave me an answer. Here's what he had to say.

"The work at Hoover Field and Crawfordsville High School is all being done with money from the referendum.  When the school system decided that the middle school needed to be replaced, we also decided that it was important to keep the new facility in the same location as opposed to moving to an open piece of land somewhere else in the school district and leaving the city with another empty building.  Locating the new building on the existing site does not allow room for tennis courts or the old soccer field on the south side of the property.  Therefore, the middle school needed a place for tennis and soccer.  Instead of buying more land, the school corporation is using existing assets to meet these needs.  Instead of maintaining two football fields with lights, bleachers, fertilizer, and water, middle school football will now be played on the new turf field at CHS.  Instead of maintaining two tennis facilities, the existing tennis facility at the high school is being repaired and expanded, and middle school tennis will play there.  Hoover field is being reconstructed as three fields instead of just one and will serve as a practice facility for middle and high school student athletes.  In summary, our middle and high school students will be sharing all the new athletic fields and courts, which we believe to be a wise use of resources as opposed to constructing individual facilities for each school."

So there you have it. The work is being done from the referendum. Thanks for the great question!