Dear MAC:

Why does the corner  stone of the Crawfordsville City Building foundation have the Masonic Free Mason symbol on it and the statement "Laid by the Grand Lodge--F & A M  1933?  Is it true that our Founding Fathers were all Masons and formed the government to their code even the city building in 1933? (Originally asked June 7)


Well Willy,

You just about stumped me, but I found an answer. It took plenty of digging, but eventually Mike McKeown was able to explain it to me. He is the Past Master (three times) of Montgomery 50 Masonic Lodge in Crawfordsville. This is what he said:

"It was customary back in the 1800s and into the 1900s. Often, the Grand Lodge was requested to come in and do a formal laying of a corner stone, mostly in the brick and mortar buildings. There are several around town. This was not true of all government buildings; it depended on the building."

So there you have it. A sign of times gone by. Thanks for the question, Willy. Be sure to let your friends know that if you have questions about Montgomery County, MAC will find the answer!