Dear MAC,

I know that the football season is coming up, but what are the early season matchups? Who do the county schools play in their first games of the season?

Sports Fan

Dear Sports Fan,

Great question! The teams are ready to hit the ground running. The first two "games" in the county this year will actually be scrimmages and they will take place Aug. 16. Southmont will host Greencastle on that night. North Montgomery will host McCutcheon while Crawfordsville will head to Sheridan for the final tune up before the games count.

The Athenians won't have to wait long to show off their fancy new turf. Crawfordsville hosts Cascade in the first week of the regular season (Aug. 23). Southmont will be home that week as well, as they host Fountain Central. North Montgomery will take to the road for their season lid lifter. They travel to Benton Central.

If you're as interested in county action as I am, you're going to love September. The county schedule has been adjusted this year. The Chargers and Mounties will get things going in county action on Sept. 6 when they meet at North Montgomery. Southmont will be right back at it against Crawfordsville two weeks later in New Market (Sept. 20). The final county matchup will come the following week when the Athenians host the Chargers (Sept. 27).

Hope this helps you out. Good thing you didn't ask me the winners. I'll leave that up to by good buddy the Bubbling Caldron. Wonder he's been up to since last fall. Hmm. May have to give him a buzz.