Hey, MAC,

I read that last Monday you said you would call together a group to work on settling differences between those who want to rezone 40 acres along Memorial Drive for industrial development and people who live in the Pleasant Meadows subdivision.

How is that discussion group coming?

Unsettled in Pleasant Meadows

Dear Unsettled,

Mayor Todd Barton said Thursday several people from Pleasant Meadows have indicated they want to serve on that committee.

"I have been collecting name," Barton said. "Quite a few people have called in or sent e-mails saying they are interested in serving."

Members of the City Council will probably volunteer, he said. Currently, Council President Andy Biddle has indicated he will serve.

"A couple more (council members are expected, though I haven't contacted them, yet," Barton said. "We will plan to meet next week."

He said finding an acceptable meeting time might be a challenge but he is confident the two sides will come together.

"As I listened to the comments Monday night, I don't think they are far apart," he said. "I want to get everyone together and explore possibilities. I'm sure we will be OK."

Barton said Monday he plans to report at the June 10 City Council meeting that rogress has been made.

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