Dear MAC,

My question concerns County Road 275 East.

Recently a portion of said road was black-topped from 300 N to the north, which seemed to be in fairly good condition.

The section of 275 E from 300 N to State Road 47 is in very poor condition. What is the criteria in such situations.


Dear Baffled,

Thanks for the question. I checked with Montgomery County Highway Director Rod Jenkins and County Commissioner Jim Fulwider on this to see what criteria was used when deciding to pave roads. Jenkins explained that money plays a big part in the equation.

"We are paving one mile at a time," said Jenkins. "We pick a starting point and pave a mile at a time as money allows."

Jenkins said that the amount available varies, but that they were able to pave in all four sections of the county this year. Each mile of road works costs $90,000.

"Money dictates how far we can go," said Jenkins.

Fulwider said the commissioners work from the plan presented by Jenkins.

"We have a paving program in place," said Fulwider. "The county highway superintendent submits a paving program based on his recommendation to the commissioners."

Fulwider and Jenkins both agreed that sometimes things come up that don't fit into the plan. For that, the county has resources ready.

"If something happens we have a stockpiled mix that we can go out and repair," said Jenkins.

He also said that the county can and has applied for federal grant money in certain situations.

So there you have it. It's all about a enacting a plan with money available.

Check back next Friday when I'll give you some inside information on the Nucor sewer project.