Hey, MAC,

I read in The Paper that Metronet is installing new equipment in the homes of Accelplus customers. That's fine but I own a business and I'm wondering when Metronet will get around to sending me a letter and scheduling my installation.

Tied in Knots, Wondering About Cable


Dear Wondering,

The good news is you don't have to wonder about your cable.

Metronet is systematically changing over their customers from Accelplus to Metronet equipment, Kevin Stelmach, vice president and general manager of Metronet told me.

In the meantime, Metronet will continue to make sure you have the cable TV and internet service you have come to expect.

First things first, though.

Residential customers are being switched over to Metronet.

When that is done, it will be business customers' turn.

I suggest you watch The Paper for a news story about Metronet contacting business customers and scheduling dates for the conversion.


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