Hey, MAC,

I have noticed a lot of houses in bad condition in Crawfordsville.

I know the Board of Works acts from time to time to clean up those properties or to demolish them. What is the process used?

Concerned about Crawfordsville


Dear Concerned:

We asked Kent Minnette, attorney for the city. He said it is a seven-step process:

1. An unsafe building order is issued by the code enforcement officer.

2. The order is served two ways -

a. The state has a prescribed way, which is followed.

b. The city also publishes a notice in the local newspaper so the owner can be notified if the letter or phone calls from the code enforcement officer don't reach the owner.

3. A public hearing is conducted.

4. The Board of Public Works and Safety can either affirm, rescind or modify the unsafe building order.

5. Notices of demolition are issued.

6. A notice of demolition is sent to the owner.

7. Bids are taken for demolition.

All this happens before the building is actually demolished and the time frame is usually 30-45 days after the public hearing in step three, though an emergency order can sometimes be granted in a shorter time.

If the Indiana Department of Environmental Management steps in, the process can take longer, Minnette said.