Dear MAC,

I noticed some changes going on at the Montgomery County Courthouse and I was wondering what they have done and will be doing?

Green Thumb

Dear Green Thumb,

Thanks for the question. I've talked to Building Administrator Marc Bonwell and Commissioners' Executive Assistant Lori Dossett to find the answer you're looking for.

According to Bonwell, the bricks between the two set of stairs that lead to the main entrance of the courthouse are being relayed and the patio had areas that are flaking so that is being fixed.

A portion of the sidewalk on the Main Street is being repaved because it was damaged when a few trees were cut down some time ago.

The greenery around the courthouse has undergone some change as well. Seven trees were cut down on the courthouse property. Two trees bordering the parking lot on Market Street, one along Washington Street, and four around the courthouse were removed.

Also according to Bonwell, the Main Street trees were hardly noticeable as they had been damaged by a storm.

Dossett said the four trees around the courthouse were causing issues as the species of tree was too big for the area. Cleanliness was a problem as well with the number of birds the trees were attracting.

Completion was expected by the end of this week but has been delayed to inclement weather. Bonwell said the work should be finished by the end of next week.