Dear MAC,

My kids tell me Indiana's bicentennial is coming up. That sounds like a big deal. What do you know about it?

Historical Dad

Dear Dad,

Right you are!

Indiana's bicentennial is just two years away. In 2016 we will celebrate our Hoosier state's 200th anniversary.

It is especially significant for Montgomery County because it was during our state's centennial in 1916 that Turkey Run State Park was opened and our state park system began that also resulted in the formation of Shades State Park.

So, a bicentennial commission has been formed with members including Karen Pence (our state's first lady), former Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman and former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton, said chairman Chris Jensen.

There are four parts to the bicentennial celebration being planned: Nature conservation, youth education, community involvement and historical celebration.

We are planning news stories in the near future about our Hoosier Bicentennial and what plans local leaders are making. Watch for them!