Dear MAC,

I've heard and read some things lately about the Women's Resource Center in Crawfordsville. I've never used it, but can you find out more about it? Someone said they could use a hand right now . . . is there something to that?

Curious Gal

Dear Gal,

Funny you should ask that! I was just chatting with their executive director, Patti Harvey the other day and they are doing very important things. They could certainly use community help. And they are looking for some help in ways not just monetarily. The center is looking for some experienced business-minded folks to lend a hand on some bigger projects. Harvey said that they can always use volunteers of all kinds for various duties.

The center is located at 407 E Market St. in Crawfordsville. Harvey said that the Women's Resource Center, which has been open in Crawfordsville since 1990, performs 40-50 pregnancy tests each month, does limited ultrasounds and has an incentive program for girls to learn more about parenting and child care. The girls receive baby items for their participation.

The non-profit also runs a facility in Covington and they have hit some tough times recently when their $25,000 ultrasound machine quite at that clinic.

The Women's Resource Center does not apply for any federal grants, but they do receive some foundational grants, specifically from Tipmont REMC, the Montgomery County Community Foundation and CEL&P.

One of two large fundraisers for the center is coming up in January. They team up with local churches for their baby bottle fundraiser, said Harvey.

So there you have it. The Women's Resource Center is doing a lot of work in the community and could certainly use a hand in any way you can help!