Residents of Crawfordsville have a unique opportunity to see democracy in action and to truly participate in local government.

On the national level too often money and special interest groups influence what action or inaction, comes out of Congress.  Legislation coming out of the Indiana State House can also be affected by the same influences.  How easy do you think it is for people to visit the U.S. Congress or the state legislature and ask questions while in session?  I would guess that anyone attempting to ask a member of Congress a question in either the House or Senate would be escorted out by armed security.

Nothing says pure democracy like small town government.  The city council is the best example of how the people of Crawfordsville can make their opinions known.  Every time the council meets whether for the committee meetings (the  first Monday of the month at 6pm) or the full council meeting (the second Monday of the month at 7 p.m.) input is asked from the audience. How many people in New York City, Chicago, Houston, or even Indianapolis attend their city council meetings and participate?

Are you opposed to the possibility of a 30 MPH speed limit in your neighborhood? Let the council know you opinion.  Do you support a zoning change from residential to business?  Do you have questions about the proposed budget for the fire department or street department?  Do you want to just see what the city council does at their meetings?  It could be that after a visit to a council meeting you'll be inspired to run for public office.

Sadly, at most city council meetings, the members of the council along with the mayor and other city officials will often outnumber the audience.  If you complain about city government, yet you never attend city council, board of zoning appeals, city planning commission, board of public works, or any other city commission, you have no right to complain.

Come join us.

Mike Reidy

City Councilman at Large