The Paper photo by Karen Zach
Sam and Marsha Smith clicked from day one and after 37 years, are still-a-clickin’.
The Paper photo by Karen Zach Sam and Marsha Smith clicked from day one and after 37 years, are still-a-clickin’.
Grand time with this week’s couple, at the PH; however, it was a bit tense at the start. I asked questions back and forth, but at one point, he got a bit long-winded and we heard, “Shut up already, or I’m not going to be in this article, at all.” I’m sure my mouth dropped open, but then he giggled. We all giggled a lot!
So, I best start with her, then we can both stay out of trouble. Kidding, it was all in fun (I think). A CHS graduate, she was involved in music, being number one chair in clarinet and the student director of both band and the girls’ chorus.
His life began in Detroit, Mich. but was raised in Warren. Football, basketball and baseball were his things but he too loved music, so his senior year he chose that over sports and was the drum major. At Drury college, he was student director of the band and one of his brothers student-directed the chorus.
Although she told her co-workers that she was going to tell me it was his silver-gray Sharkskin suit that drew her to him, even explaining she pointed at him, saying, “He’s the guy for me!” I believe it was that music background and when you figure-out this lil ‘ol mystery you’ll likely agree, although I’m not sure as he was nodding and semi-smiling. Certainly, they clicked from day one and after 37 years, are still-a-clickin’.
Other than she is an only child and his family is large, their lives run parallel. Yes, some likenesses above, but more to come!
Both were married before, and both had two daughters. Although he taught in a school, she has taught so many music lessons that it’s one in the same. Of the same religion, they attend First Methodist, her home church.
Both own a movie background, too, her mother having worked at the Strand Theater for 38 years. “I have fond memories of the Strand as a child.” When he was attending college, he was assistant manager in two theatres. They both love movies, especially musicals, Pacific his fav; Oklahoma hers.
Few in our community would not know her little pixie face. You might have seen her at her work, especially if you love clothes (she worked at Mac’s for 28 years and currently has been with Heathcliff for twelve).
Things aren’t perfect for them, however. One of the gals at church told her that there were three things she was afraid of, a tornado, fire and cancer. They’ve had all three. A tornado hit their home in 1999 leaving a tree through their roof. Fifteen years ago, he fought cancer. Then their house was destroyed by fire. They had gone to the Indy area to bring the four youngest grands home with them. The kids were tired and said to stay at home and they’d go to C’ville the next day. Lucky for them, they appeased the youngsters, as at 2 in the morning they received a phone call telling them their home was demolished. They were able to use the shell, then started over from scratch. “It’s nice and everything is brand new inside.” Most of us agree that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, but my gal did note: “He’s pushing it!”
His daughter, Eileen passed away eight years ago, leaving him two grandsons. His other daughter, Deb Scott lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and was a language expert in the Air Force, now owning her own communication equipment company. Deb also has two sons.
Her two daughters are Susan Harbin who has a son and daughter and Maribeth married to Aaron Smith who have God’s gifts. After trying for 13 years, they had triplets. A few months later, mom was sitting at their home, all three holding a baby. Maribeth announced there was another one coming. From none to four, Marsha and Sam Smith are close to these young’uns, seeing them a couple of times a week.
Sam joined Continental Insurance Company and headed to Chicago, where after a couple of years, was transferred to Indianapolis. Large cities just weren’t for him and he loved C’ville which had been one of his towns. When Paul Jansen (Acme-Shuey-Hauck) offered him a job, he took it.
This family is amazing in the music department. First brother Bob followed, then Al and Chuck, and finally their mother and sister. Marsha was informed, “You marry a Smith, you marry us all!”
She doesn’t mind, though. They spend lots of fun times together, much, music-related. Marsha directs them in the First Meth choir, Sam sang with them in the Smith Brothers Barber Shop group going all over competing. All four brothers and wives were in the Sunshine Express, singing a variety of things. Sam sang for two governors, Bob Orr and Eric Holcomb.
Marsha, a graduate of Butler (plus ISU and PU workshops) has judged for talent shows, PU Glee Club, fairs and gave lessons at the Smith Brothers Tune Shop. Musicals at Wabash, Myers Dinner Theatre, Vanity and Wabash College plays are part of their repertoire. Occasionally, they get out of the music realm, and enjoy their precinct committee work. They even won a jitterbug contest. Probably, Marsha is best known directing the women’s chorus, the Crescendos. She “filled in for a couple of months but 45 years later, she’s still filling-in.” Dancing with the Stars last year with partner, Preston Dildine was a joy.
In younger years, she was life guard at the Sportsmen Club and now enjoys their own pool, plus she loves flowers and yard work. Sam is enjoying being retired for real, as he tried four times. Also, he has been involved with Kiwanis; American Legion; Lions; Shriners; Scottish Rite and was a driver for Veterans for eight years.
So, can you all see what a precious relationship these two have and how they were simply made for each other? They’re certainly in-tune. Thanks Smiths, greatly appreciate finally getting together with ya’ for this week’s ATC.
Karen Zach is the editor of Montgomery Memories, our monthly magazine all about Montgomery County. Her column, Around the County, appears each Thursday in The Paper of Montgomery County.