I recently had the chance to interact with one of the owners of The Paper of Montgomery County and a member of the medical community in Crawfordsville. This is what Dr. John Roberts had to say on the passing of Dr. Michael Blood.

What was your reaction to the death of Dr. Blood?

"Other than immediate sadness, I feel for his wife and kids whom he loved so much," said Roberts. "The community has lost a great husband, father and humanitarian."

Did you have a personal relationship with him during his tenure in Montgomery County, and how long was your relationship if you had one?

"He was my medical business partner since I arrived in Crawfordsville in 1990. I always looked up to him as someone who practiced good medicine and continuously updated his medical knowledge to keep current."

How would you describe Dr. Blood as a physician?

"He was well-educated and always wanted his patients to receive the best care, from him or any other physician or facility in our medical community."

As a person?

"I'll have to say metaphorically, a Tootsie Roll Pop - he was sometimes hard on the outside, but a soft, caring person on the inside. His humanitarian deeds are well documented, particularly his organizing and taking part in multiple trips to serve the people of Haiti over many years. He was also instrumental in organizing and funding the rehabilitation of the Boys & Girls Club. His civic service was a model for all of us."

Do you have good stories with Dr. Blood?

"A few, but the ones that stand out most involve him talking about his wife and kids. He was so proud of his children and all they have accomplished. He was constantly keeping us updated on what all of them were doing. He definitely felt they were his legacy. This even included his daughter who graduated from DePauw University. Being a Wabash grad, he would occasionally sneak issues of the DePauw magazine into my exam rooms or even tack a DePauw photo to the ceiling of one of them."