On occasion I have been told that I too often refer to sports. So with apologies to Karen Zach, Ruth Hallett and a few others, please indulge me once again. (Or not. Mallard Fillmore and really good reading is just a few pages away.)

I am a Dan Dakich fan. For those who aren't into sports and haven't already turned to the funnies, Dakich is a former Indiana high school basketball star who went on to play and coach at IU (and other places) and now is - in my not-so-humble opinion - the best radio talk-show guy around. Unfortunately, he's on the air (1070-AM) from noon to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and I only get to catch bits and pieces. That necessary thing called work just keeps getting in the way.

So it was that I was either on my way to or from (I can't remember) our paper in Noblesville the other day when Dakich started talking about how things would work in his perfect world. It was really enjoyable and his listeners seemed to get into it as well, calling with their own versions.

That got me to thinking, which is almost always dangerous. So, with a thanks to Coach D . . .

In my world, police, fire and teachers would be among the highest paid folks in society.

In my world, high school consolidation wouldn't be so widespread and small towns like Darlington, Ladoga, Waynetown and others would still be thriving.

In my world, there would be no such thing as class sports.

In my world, the only way you would get a trophy would be to win a championship. Losing would still teach a few valuable lessons: If you want to be better than the other guy, work harder. And when you work hard and still lose, stick out your hand and give the guy or gal who won the respect they deserve.

In my world, my weight wouldn't resemble a damn perfect score in bowling! (I also would be closer to 40 than 70 years of age.)

In my world, I'd still get to read a bedtime story once in a while to my children - whether they're adults or not.

In my world, my mom and dad would do the same for me - no matter how long they've been gone or how old I get.

In my world, everyone would read a newspaper every day . . . hey, this is MY world.

In my world, there would be term limits for politicians. Three is a nice number, don't you think?

In my world, lobbyists could exist . . . in the history books.

In my world, the tax code would be typed on a sheet of paper - double-spaced. If it's more complex than that, start over.

In my world, people who smile to your face and stab you in the back would be known for what they truly are.

In my world, politicians on opposite sides would debate issues and still respect each other in the morning - and find a way to work together for the betterment of their communities.

In my world, judges would punish the guilty rather than give them a stern lecture and send them to their room without supper.

In my world, parents still spank; teachers still discipline. And they are celebrated for doing so.

In my world, there is nothing wrong with team mascots like Indians. After all, don't teams pick mascots that they have pride in and want to emulate? Isn't that a compliment?

In my world the politically correct are practically idiots - and everyone recognizes that.

In my world the politically correct are practically idiots - and everyone recognizes that. (Yeah, I know, I repeated that, but I feel really, really strongly on that one.)

In my world, Indiana would have snow at Christmas and mild temperatures the rest of the year.

In my world, WFBM would still be Channel 6 and Harlow Hickenlooper and Curley Myers would still be on Saturday morning TV.

OK, a guy can dream, can't he? Welcome to a glimpse of my world. If you want to tell me what your world looks like, drop me a line and we'll get those in a future column.

Two cents, which is about how much Timmons said his columns are worth, appears periodically on Tuesdays in The Paper. Timmons is the publisher of The Paper and can be contacted at ttimmons@thepaper24-7.com.