While the football season is winding down and basketball season is heating up it's appropriate for our Montgomery County Movie to take a "half-time break" in our little game as well.

Approximately 55 percent of our movie has been filmed including about 80 percent of our outdoor scenes. But what percentage of what we've done isn't very good? Now is the time to call an end to our headfirst drive to get our autumn scenes filmed. Do we have a choice?

We still have a few scenes on our calendar left to shoot. The weather may not let us get them finished. So we've already begun to turn our attention to "editing" which will show us what we have done right and wrong.

We expect many problems to jump out at us while editing. Some will require "tweaking" things a bit. Some will require script or personnel changes. Some will require shooting the scene all over again . . . next year. That was all anticipated when we started this project. You can't expect to do everything right the first time. But you can learn from what you did wrong and make those corrections the second time. Even a major league baseball player gets three strikes. And a football team gets four downs. Once we learn from editing the mostly outdoor shots, we'll resume filming with the remaining indoor scenes and resume the outdoor stuff next spring, summer (and fall?)

But now it's half-time. The horn has sounded. The whistle has blown. The house lights have come up. It's time for the players to retreat from the action, take a break and make ready for the second half.  All cast and crew members . . . please stand by.

These updates will appear less often. But not because nothing is happening. First we must see where we are. Then we'll prepare for that second half when once again we'll hear "Quiet on the set." "This is a take". "Camera rolling?" "Clapboard?" "ACTION!!"

Dick Munro is Producer of Montgomery County Movies LLC and can be reached at 362-3838 or munro-1@wico.net