Senator Boots, Hi Phil . . .

I've been vocal on differences in our world view and role of government. It has never been personal. I admire anyone that exposes themselves to the over-ripe tomatoes and rotten cabbages thrown their way in public service. My father devoted his life to the service of others -- in family, through church, public service and elected office, so I know the up and down sides.

I was pleased that you rejected the latest intrusion by religious-driven intolerant legislators into the most private affairs better left between physicians and their patients and went against the party bobble heads in voting NO to sticking their noses -- and other unwanted protrusions -- into a woman's most private parts and decisions. Maybe being a proud father has bestowed you with a wisdom lacking in some of your brethren. Regardless of what your belief structure -- or lack of one -- is regarding Roe v Wade, it is, and has been, the law of the land for 40 years. What I don't get is the chorus of mostly male Republicans trying to undermine that right by using their hated, over-reaching, too-many-regulations government, as a bludgeon when it suits their use. The proposed law would not affect women with a private doctor that prescribes the abortion pill, only those most vulnerable economically that seek help through Planned Parenthood and other clinics for the under served, uninsured poor. As all women know, if genetics had chosen males to bear children, safe, legal abortion would be considered a sacrament. And, as a personal heroine to me, the female representative that exposed their hypocrisy by proposing a companion bill requiring males to have a "finger wave" prostate exam for their ED pills . . . Not surprisingly, those many male legislators voted NO to that unnecessary, invasive medical procedure.

Many years ago, a one-time, would be evangelist, turned comedian, (not much of a stretch now) Brother Dave Gardner, got his start casting his pearls of wisdom on Jack Paar's Tonight Show. One of those pearls has remained an enduring tenet: "Let them that don't want none, have memories of not gettin' any." Freedom FROM religion is at the core of this latest assault on a woman's right to control her own body. If you, as a woman, don't want that choice -- fine -- don't exercise that right. Further, in response to the latest proposed legislation, again driven by religious zealotry, against same sex unions / rights and marriage, I would apply Brother Dave's wisdom again: If you are against gay marriage -- don't marry one. The government has NO compelling reason to discriminate against those with different orientation.

Too many elected officials here in Hoosierland seek value in being the last to accept change and to reverse adjudicated law that doesn't fit their narrative. Your proposed law to overturn the Affordable Care Law -- upheld by The Supremes -- and Governor Pence's rigid stance to NOT take the Medicaid monies that would protect more Hoosiers is disappointing. The great financial need of universal health care to get a grip on escalating costs and the moral imperative to do so has been taken up and solved by every modern country in the world -- at a fraction of the cost and covers all of their citizens .

The Paper's Tim Timmons opined in a recent Two Cents column the yearning for young Republicans to organize and get involved. I would submit, it is not the young Republicans lacking interest, it's the crotchety old men living in a world that has long since changed that turn off participation by younger, more socially tolerant voters. Whether it's race, religion, women's rights, gay rights or an end to the inane war on marijuana, the current belligerents that infest the GOP doesn't bode well for the Party's future.


Jake Spoor is a Crawfordsville resident and from time-to-time writes a guest column for The Paper.