Someone asked me last week - When and where will we be able to see your movie?? My answer: I wish I knew.

Much like baking a pie, building a dog house or anything else ever produced by mankind, "Making a Movie" is done in a series of stages. The actual "filming" of the movie is called the "Production" stage. But before that is the "Pre-Production" stage, when you gather up all the equipment, props, locations, cast and crew members, story and screen writers and more.

Even before that comes "Pre-Pre-Production" when you have to do all the planning necessary to figure out what you need to get to the "Pre-Production" stage.

Then there's "Post-Production" when everything you produced in bits and pieces during Production is turned over to the editors and special effects people (and more) to put all those pieces together to make it into a Movie.

Some Post-Production is begun during Production, After that comes Marketing and Distribution and way down there near the end of the list is the actual "Showing" of the movie, which is what this person was asking me about. You can see why, when I'm asked that question, I give that answer.

So how is our :"Montgomery County Movie" coming along? Well it's hard to see it, but progress is being made. Last weekend Philip Demoret, the author and screenwriter of our story-line, finished his first complete script. I say first because it will change as we go through Production.

This week's goal is to contact people to take on most of the remaining acting roles. (We have 54 vacancies that haven't yet been cast.) Then, once we know who will be playing what, we can decide which scenes should and can be Produced and in what order.

The initial script calls for 45 scenes. We have already filmed . . . two. So don't bother asking - When will I be able to see your movie?? I wish I knew.

Now this week's MEET THE CREW: Most of the photo's you will see in this column will be taken by Carlos Redondo Jiménez, our official Still Photographer. Born in Madrid (Spain) he now lives in Crawfordsville. He began his studies in cinematography and photography collaborating in some short films. Last year he had a photo exhibition called "Interactions" in a state gallery. Carlos is also a writer. His short- play "Sofá, dulce sofá" has been staged in Spain Carlos will assist our production in camera and lighting techniques to make our final product even more enjoyable to watch. You can see more of Carlos' pictures on our new Facebook. (Montgomery County Movies LLC) Yes we are making progress.

That's it this time. 'til next time.